In recent times Roku remotes have become very popular due to the advantages and services provided to the customers. The users highly recommend this remote for easy access to your entertainment system, and you can also manage all the channels and options swiftly using this remote. But sometimes, the connection of this remote to the server gest hampered. This generally happens due to the malfunctioning of the entire system. Today we will provide some options following which you can easily remove this condition of the Roku remotes.


Roku remote issues are positively associated with the network and pairing factors. These are electrical appliances, so it is quite natural that the electrical connection’s nuances can have a severe impact on the workability of the remote. We will address this situation and provide five easy ways that you can adopt to make your Roku remote work properly after there is impedance in connection. These are discussed below.

  • Method One

This is the most common method that you should follow when the Roku remote is not working. We are well informed that the Roku remote system is entirely dependent on the adapter’s connection to the electrical supply. For this reason, when there is a situation about the connection disruption between the system and the remote, you should restart the device. For this, you have to follow one simple rule.

At first, you have to turn off the entire system. You can easily do this by unplugging the adapter from the electrical supply line. Then you have to take the adaptor and again plug it in. But before plugging the adapter, you must wait for thirty seconds. This helps an entire system reboot. After waiting for thirty seconds, you can plug in the adapter, and this will restart your system. We hope that the Roku remote will start working after this procedure.

  • Method Two

This is another usual system that you can follow. We all know that Roku devices work on batteries. When your Roku device has stopped working, you can easily take off the batteries from the back compartment. After putting off the batteries, you can roll them in your palms. This will energize the batteries, and then again, you can put them in the remote. After this, there might be a switch at the back of the remote, and pressing this switch five times will enable the Roku device to search available pairing devices nearby.

  • Method Three

This is an advanced method that applies to Smartphone users. An application named “Roku App,” and you can quickly get it on the Android and Apple stores. You have to download this app from the verified store, and then you have to install this on your device. This will allow you to get the opportunity of controlling the Roku device from your phone. You can reconnect the machine, and you can also use your phone instead of the remote. But for the entire process, you must have a Wi-Fi connection in your house, and you can also use headphones for audio.

  • Method Four

This step is also a technologically enriched technique. In this system, you have to go to your phone’s settings option in the Roku app, and then you have to go to the remote and devices option. This will allow you to choose the type of device you want to pair. So you have to select the Roku remote, and then it will tell you to take off the battery, as we discussed in the second method. And after putting on the battery, you have to press the pairing switch for five seconds, but if your remote does not have a button, you can put on the batteries, and the remote will start pairing.

  • Method Five

This is the last resort for our readers. If all the options discussed above do not become helpful, it is better to switch the remote. For this, you can quickly grab a brand new remote from Amazon, but you must be sincere about the compatibility of the remote to the Roku device. For this, you have to read all the descriptions of the remote and then choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to state that the techniques we have mentioned here will surely help establish the connection between the Roku remote and your entertainment system. But as a sincere user, you should always keep in mind that the house’s electrical connections should adequately be evaluated, and oversupply of current might damage the entire system. It would also help if you kept the adapter well out of reach from the children. This will reduce the possibility of damage. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a nice day.