Having a Roku at home can make your weekends much more fun than you might be expecting. With a Roku device, you can stream different contents. If you have used Roku, you might have come across the Roku Overheating message once. If you are concerned about that, we will tell you what you have to do to solve the problem.

Roku is a streaming device created by the American company Roku inc. with a partnership with Netflix. As soon as the product was released, people jumped on to buy it, and the popularity of the product was high within a short time. It is indeed a super fun streaming device to watch any show or online content that you like.

As for the overheating issue, it is quite common that your device may face it once within its lifetime. The thing can be pretty serious if you do not take enough measurements. But before that, you need to know the difference between overheating or simply heating.

When you are using an electrical device, it will become hot after using it for a while. It is totally normal if the Roku device is heated. You can ignore that problem. But if your device is overheating, you need to cool it down as soon as possible other there could be some unwanted consequences.

How to Tell If Your Roku is Overheating

Before you can go any further, you need to know the way that you can ensure that your Roku is overheating. There is three specific way you can tell when it is happening. They are-

  • Red Button

The Roku device has a red button right at the right side of the device. If you ever see that the red button is shining, that means that your Roku device is overheated, and you need to do something about it.

  • Message

Another way to tell when your Roku is overheating is by noticing the message on the screen. When you are using your Roku, there might a message somewhere on the screen appear that will tell you that the device has overheated and thus how you know.

  • Manually Checking

The last way to find out if Roku overheating is by manually checking the device. To do that, you need to physically touch the Roku device to see how hot it is, and the heat is alarming; you need to take some steps to cool it down.

How to Stop Roku Overheating

Roku Overheating 2

If your Roku device has overheated, you need to do something immediately. Do not let the Roku keep streaming when it is overheated. It can melt the Roku device, cause some misfunctioning of your TV and devices, and can cause a fire as well. That is why you need to know the right way to cool down the device.

  • When you get an indication of your Roku overheating, you need to immediately unplug the device. Take out all the plugs one by one carefully.
  • Now that the device is free from all the plugs, you need to keep the device in a place that it can cool down. Do not place the device anywhere near where it can get got.
  • Keep the device on cooldown for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, you can plug in the device to see if everything has gone back to normal or not.
  • If you still see the overheating message, you need to immediately unplug the device and put it on cooldown again
  • Keep repeating the process until you Roku is done cooling.

Some Advice

As we have already told you the ways you can keep your Roku device cool after it is overheated, we will love to give you some extra advice to keep the device safe.

You need to make sure that you do not keep the device inside a cabinet when it is working. When the device is working, it needs to take off some heat. A Conjected place will make it overheated.

Do not place the Roku device on top of any other electric device. With the other device’s heat, the Roku will overheat again.

Do not place the Roku device in direct sunlight or near anything hot. It will contribute to the device getting overheated.

Final Thoughts

That was all the help we can provide you regarding Roku overheating. We hope that you will able to find the solution helpful and fix your overheating problem. Once you learn how to control it, you will be able to stream on your Roku without any more overheating problems.