Everyone who owns a Kindle loves the device so much. It can be compared as a treasured hole for all the book lovers. As much as the tool is convenient for everyone to use, one problem that seems to bother many people is when Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi – How to Fix an issue without taking any undesirable step.

Since Amazon came up with its Amazon Kindle device, the popularity of it was skyrocketed. There should be no doubt about why the tool is popular. As the modern days introduces us to so many innovative ideas, why not get a device for reading purpose solely?

E-learning with E-books has been getting popular to the point that many people are discarding buying books. People will argue that why to buy a book when you can simply download and read it on your mobile phone or other devices. The argument is very much real. Using E-learning has its unique benefits.

Sometimes people will not be able to find the desired book in the store. Sometimes, they will not be able to carry to book everywhere, and sometimes they will feel like the book’s price is not affordable. There are various reasons why someone may not be able to read what they want, and that is when the E-books come in handy. E-books make it easy for everyone to have access to them whenever they want.

Many people may depend on illegal downloading a book when they cannot get the book. If you condemn that type of action, you should contact the Amazon Kindle, which will allow you to download, buy, and read different kinds of books and texts available on the Kindle store.

Now that you have the basic idea of Kindle, let’s get back to our leading problem regarding the WIFI. The thing about Kindle is that it will not be used without an internet connection. You need to get a stable internet connection if you want to use your Kindle for reading. As you cannot use your phone’s link for that, you need to find a WIFI connection to use Kindle. But many people seem to have problems with connecting to the WIFI, which is why we bring you what to do when your Kindle doesn’t connect WiFi- how to fix it properly.

 How To Connect Your Kindle to the WiFi

A lot of people seem not to know how to properly connect their Kindle device to the WiFi. That is why we will show you how to connect the device before we move to give you a solution of when Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi – How to Fix. Before you can connect to the WiFi, you need to check if everything is alright or not. The things you are going to review are-

  • Suppose the internet is working or not. You need to make sure that your router or modem is working correctly to serve your Kindle’s internet connection. Sometimes we forgot to check the connection and become frustrated when the device does not find the connection. Check your router first and then try to check the internet with another device.
  • Check if the Airplane Mode is turned off or not. This is a silly mistake, yet a lot of people suffer from it. Sometimes the airplane mode of our devices will be turned on without our notice, and we will not be able to connect to the internet. Make sure the Kindle device’s Airplane Mode is off.
  • Check if the WiFi password is right or not. The last thing you need to check before you connect your Kindle to the WiFi is the password. If there is no password, you can skip this step. But if there is a password, make sure you know the password well.

After checking these factors, you should try to connect your Kindle device to the available WiFi network. To do so, you have to follow the steps below-

  • At the top of the screen, swipe down the taskbar. There you will see of WiFi option.
  • Tap on the WiFi option to access the settings
  • There you are going to see all the available networks. You need to find the one that you are going to use.
  • Click on your network, and you will get the password bar.
  • Put the password on and tap on connecting, and you are done with connecting the WiFi.

Solution: Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi – How to Fix

Kindle Won't Connect to WiFi – How to Fix 1

Now we have come to our main segment of how to fix the issue of when the password will not connect. There are times, even after following all the steps of how to connect the WiFi, your kindle device will still not have a connection. That is when you need to look out for another solution. If you are suffering from this problem, we are here to give you the right solution to fix the problem. Read till the end to know what might be causing the problem, what you are doing wrong, and how to fix it.

Restart the Router                    

The first fix we are going to suggest is checking up on your router. Sometimes, even though the router looks like it is working, but it may not be able to serve the connection of the internet due to some technical issues. The best way to fix it is by starting the router. To do that, you need to unplug or click on the restart button of your router if you have. Keep the router off for 30 seconds and turn it on again. Check your Kindle device afterward to see if the WiFi has been connected or not. Many times this will fix the problem.

Restart Your Kindle Device

If the other solution is not working, maybe it is due to your Kindle device. All the electronic devices may act up once in a while due to various technical reasons. There is nothing to worry about. You cannot tell surely if the cause is your device or not, but chances say it could be. That is why you need to restart your Kindle device to see if the solution will be fixed or not. To continue the Kindle, you need to press the power button and tap on the restart option. After restarting the device, connect it to the WiFi to see if it is working or not.

Update the Device

Every electric device needs to stay up to date to be able to function smoothly. The manufacturing company will release an update for the machine once in a while, and you have to keep the device up to date. With the updated device, it will be able to run smoothly. If your device has not been updated, there could be some problems, and one of them could be related to WiFi. Check if there are any updates available for the device and update it. After updating, you can connect to the WiFi back and see if it works or not.

Check the Network

Another common problem is the strength of the network. Sometimes the network may not be strong enough to connect to your device. That is why you need to check that out. First, you have taken your Kindle device to near the router and see if it works or not. If it works, then your network may not be strong enough to reach where you were working. If it does not yet, you need to check if the network has enough strength for a device and fix it.

Factory Reset                        

After doing all the previous steps, if your device still does not find the WiFi connection, then you may have to factory reset your device. A lot of people do not like to factory reset their devices as it is going to wipe out all the memories and data. But there could be some bug inside your device, and it can mess with the connection of the internet. If your factory reset your device, it will turn into a new device by wiping out everything.

Seek Help of Expert

After doing everything, if your device is still unable to connect to a stable network, you need to seek the help of an expert. You can ask the help from the Kindle Helpline; you will find their number online. Or, you can take it to a technician to see what could go wrong with your perfectly fine device.

Final Thoughts

That was all for when Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi – How to Fix the problem. We hope you will be greatly helped by all the tips and tricks we told you and fix the problem without facing any more difficulties. The thing about these devices is that they may act up like this once in a while. There is nothing to panic about. By taking the right steps, you will able to fix the problem and get back to your reading as soon as possible.