Thinset is always used for attaching tiles to the concrete floor, and one of the most beneficial aspects of thinset is, it gets easily connected to the floor, and it is quite challenging to remove it. For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy process for removing thinset from the concrete floor. We are going to exhibit all the aspects that are associated with this process. So without enhancing the introductory words, let us jump to the primary process.

Required Materials

Before starting the process, it is essential to gather some materials. These are the standard tools that you will need for the procedure. At first, you will need a floor scrapper. This is a must for the process. You will also need a hammer and a chisel. These are necessary for breaking the tiles and scrapping the thinset. Then you will need an electric hammer.

It is better to use a Dewalt electric hammer. These are the best in the market and very efficient against the concrete floor. Then you will need a broom for cleaning the floor after scrapping. Next, you will need a floor mop and water. You have to use tools after you have scrapped the floor correctly. After you have managed all these tools, you have to start the process.


At first, you have to mark the territory that you want to work on. The thinset comes with a tile floor. So you have to take prepare for removing both tiles and thinset at the same time. For the betterment of our readers, we will discuss a process comprised of both the techniques. For the tiles, you have to mark the place that you want to start. For this, you need to follow a simple process. If the room is fully covered with tiles, then you have to use a hammer and start breaking the tiles from the top.

But if the floor has open edges, it is needless to use a hammer to break the tiles. You can start scraping the floor with a floor scraper. It is better to use a metal floor scrapper because you will need a sharp edge, and the process will require a notable amount of force for detaching the tiles. So you have to decide the method you want to follow, then you have to start separating the tiles. For this, you have to break the tiles, and then you have to set the scrapper at an angular orientation. Then you have to keep pushing the scrapper and then take off the tiles.

After the tiles are put off from the ground, you have to clean the floor and set aside the tiles. Before all this, you have to wear a face mask and goggles to protect the eyes. Besides, you need to turn off all the fans and air conditioners of the house. And all the windows and vents should be closed. This is required because there will be a tremendous amount of dust created during the process, and shutting the air supply system will refrain the dust from getting scattered. After you have removed the tiles, you gave it to start for the thinset.

For removing the thinset, you have to use the electric hammer tool. For this, you have to connect the device to the electrical supply. You have to attach the chisel head at the top of the hammer and then start applying it on the ground. You have to keep moving the hammer in a steady motion, and the thinset will begin to come off from the background. You have to use your hand to check the smoothness of the floor. It will help you judge the workability of the hammer. Then you have to continue scraping the floor with the hammer and remove the thinset.

After the floor is free of thinset, you have to take a broom and lean the floor; then, you have to use a mop and wash it. Concrete floors take colossal time to wash, so you have to apply the mop many times. And use an adequate amount of water for cleaning the floor. Once the floor is clean, you can again start redecorating the floor. It is better to use new tiles and thinset because old ones will be unusable on the same surface.


In conclusion, we are optimistic that the process we have mentioned here will be highly beneficial for removing the thinset from the concrete floor. This process will also help you remove the tiles too. You must ensure all the safety rules properly before performing the procedure. You have to use the chisel hammer carefully and be careful about the electrical supply of the machine. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!