Painting is obviously a tough job, and if you have taken this tough job in your hand, it means you have planned something interesting. Don’t know what that is, but during any painting, project mistakes can happen. One of the annoying mistakes is when you put some paint on the electrical outlets or any other plastic decorative items. Maybe you are a victim of this type of situation. Don’t worry; you are not the only person like you; many DIYers face this issue. So, don’t feel alone. We know this is really very annoying, and it can impact the overall design of your room. That’s why I am here to show you how to remove spray paint from plastic.

Yes, you can wipe the paint off from the plastic with a little or more effort. But the paint has dried off; it’s going to take a significant amount of time. There aren’t going to leave you so easily. You may have to put more effort into getting rid of the paint. Okay, leave all of them for a while. Below, I have gathered some simple techniques with which you can banish the evidence of colors completely. They are very easy, and you won’t have to put much effort into accomplishing the process. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Tools and Materials, You Will Need

1. Dish soap

2. Small bucket

3. Paper towels

4. Paint scraper

5. Razorblade

6. Work gloves

7. Vegetable oil

8. Acetone

9. Face mask

10. Rubbing alcohol

How to Remove Spray Paint From Plastic

How to Remove Spray Paint From Plastic 2

If you have gathered all of these items, you can now follow the simple and easy steps below.

Method 1

Paintings are always addressed as mishaps, so as soon as they occur, you need to take proper steps to resolve them. First of all, you can start with your very own household items: dish soap and water. A perfect mixture of dishwashing soap and water can get you rid of the paints. So, take a bucket and fill it with warm water. Then add some dishwashing soap into it. After that, mark the spot and grab a cleaning rag to wash it off. You can also use a paper towel for this purpose. Once you remove the paint entirely, you can then clean the plastic with a clean or damp rag.

Method 2

If the first method is ineffective on the paint spot, it indicates that the paint has dried now. You have to now use some special items. So, let’s bring some vegetable oil to the party. Vegetable oils are skin-friendly and pretty good at taking the paints off. It softens the paints from the root, which allows you to rub the paint off easily.

At first, take a clean rag and put some oil on it. It will be better if you add some elbow grease with it. Okay, now start rubbing the spill. You will notice that the paints are coming off. You can also use a paint scraper to boost the process if you want.

In case if the vegetable oil fails, wear a hand glove and get ready to use the nail polish removers. Nail polish remover contains acetone, which can remove is way more effective for removing the paints. So, pour the required amount of nail polish and start wiping the affected area with a clean rag or paper towel. Repeat the process until the paints are gone completely.

Method 3

If the above two methods have failed, you need to bring the ultimate weapon now. I meant the paint scrapper. While using a paint scraper is easier, and you can start using it from any corner. Apply the scrapper in such a way that it slides under the paint easily. Don’t hurry; it may require some time; you should give the required time and be patient. Make sure to apply constant and steady pressure. Pay proper attention when you are using this item on any plastic material. You have to maintain the correct angle. If you somehow fail, maintain that you may end up damaging the surface.

Method 4

Scrubbing is literally ideal for any stubborn paint or spills, especially when they are on the plastic. For this process, you are gonna need some isopropyl alcohol. You can find them easily in your nearest store, or you can get them from Amazon. If you use alcohol to take the paints off, you won’t have to worry about damaging the plastic parts. Unlike the harsh plastic thinners, they are easier to use, and they don’t harm the texture of the plastics.

Before starting this process, make sure to wear a mask if you don’t want to inhale the fumes. Also, wear protective work gloves for the maximum protection of your skin and hand. Okay, now pour some alcohol on the affected part and then use a rag to rub it off. You may have to continue the process until the paints are gone completely. Make sure to keep your patience, and after some time, you will get your desired newly looking paint-free surface. No one will ever know that you had accidentally put some paints on the plastic parts.


How to remove spray paint from plastic? Have you got your answer, or are you still confused? If you are confused, or you have got some more interesting ideas, don’t hesitate to share that with us. Use the comment section below and let me know.