Maybe you have a wonderful glass door at the entrance of your room, and for acquiring your desired privacy, you have used frosted glass spray on the glasses. Well, it’s a good item and can give you the required privacy without hampering the design. But the problem is, they usually come with a limited lifespan, and after that, they will start to fade away. That’s where all the complication starts. You are gonna have to remove the layer and try to add a new layer of your preferred frosted glass spray. Do you know how to remove frosted glass spray from door?

If you don’t want to end up scratching the beautiful texture of your glass door, learning the proper way of removing frosted spray is very much essential. I won’t have to go anywhere else; I am here to show you how to do that with some simplest steps. But before we start, make sure to leave all your works for a couple of minutes and concentrate on the article till the end.

First of all, let’s what are the reasons that will tend you to change the frosting from your glass door. Maybe you have several glass doors, you have already put some frosting on one of your glass doors, but when you are about to move to another, you have found something unique to set up. Well, that’s natural, there are numerous designs, and you may feel the difference.

On the other hand, your little kid can also play a significant role that will tend you to change the frosting. My kid loves to scratch the frostings and ruin the entire design. I don’t know what pleasure he gets from it, but it costs me a couple of bucks every month. Whatever there are several reasons that will tend you to change the frosting from your glass door. Whatever the reasons are, I am going to show you some simplest techniques to remove the frostings from your glass door without hampering the original texture of your glass. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

How to Remove Frosted Glass Spray from Door

You can accomplish this process with several techniques, but I have gathered some easy-to-find items to complete the process in the simplest way, just as I have said before. Let’s show you all of them one-by-one you can accomplish this process with several techniques, but I have gathered some easy-to-find items to complete the process in the simplest way, just as I have said before. Let’s show you all of them one-by-one

Using Windex
For this method, you are gonna need:
a) Windex

b) A magic Eraser

c) A steel wool

This technique is highly applicable to spray-on frosted glass removal. So, if you have used spray-on frostings on your glass door, then you should follow this technique. Yes, it requires only three items for this process but doesn’t think that it’s going to be way too easy. It is a bit complicated process, and you are gonna need to concentrate on the process properly. By the way, you are gonna need some elbow grease for this process. I have used Windex once for removing the frostings from my glass door, and the result was surprising. When I applied Windex directly on the glass, around half of the frosting came out. Then I wondered how much Windex do I need to remove the entire frostings? Twice, I guess! That will be enough to clean up the messy look. However, you are gonna need a sprayer bottle for this process, and you can work with your old window cleaner spray, not a big deal. In fact, you can work with any generic brand; they will also give you a fine result. Okay, that’s enough discussion now; let’s see how to apply Windex to remove frostings from your glass door.
Step 1
First of all, you have to spray the required amount of window cleaner on the glass where you have applied the frosted spray. You can apply directly to the glass without any problem.
Step 2
Once you have applied the cleaner, you have to wait for 2-3 minutes. Within this time, the cleaner will start to penetrate into the frosting spray.
Step 3
Now, take a magic eraser and start rubbing off the frosting spray.
Step 4
Then use a paper towel to wipe off the excess. Make sure to check the entire area if they need to be redone or not.
Step 5
If the frostings are still there, you have to repeat the first and fourth process again. Continue this until the frostings come off entirely.
Step 6
Now, dry the glass and take the steel wool and start rubbing it over the glass. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that everything is nice and clear.
Step 7
Lastly, clean all residue with window cleaner and water.
Using Water and A Scraper
This is the second method that can be used for removing the spray-on frosted glass. This method is also easy and can effectively clean up the frostings from a glass door. Things you will need for this process
a) A glass scraper

b) 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid mixed in ½ liter of water

Step 1
Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use a generous amount on the glass. You may have read, and many have suggested to scrap the frostings off without water. I have also read that, but scrapping dry glass can easily damage it. So, what if you the same things happen to you, and you end up with a crack or flaw? You are gonna need to change the entire glass panel if this happens to you. That’s why I suggest using some lubrication before using a scraper on your glass panel. In fact, using a scraper is easier when it is properly lubricated.
Step 2
Press the scraper on the glass firmly so that the frosting spray comes off easily with every swipe. If properly applied, the frostings should come off, much like plastic wraps. The entire process requires a limited time, and you will be impressed to see how easily the frosting comes off.

Using Rubbing Alcohol or Dishwashing Liquid

This method is useful for a frosted window film. Removing the frostings from a window film is much frustrating. So, you have to be a bit more careful when you are using any technique on a window film. Follow the methods below to remove the frostings from your window film.

Step 1

You are gonna need to use a mixture of 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and 1-liter water or 1/3 bottle of rubbing alcohol and 1-liter water.

Step 2

Take a knife and use its bit to run over the film vertically. By using this technique, you can easily take from the film, and it will make the process easier.

Step 3

Once you have taken the window film off, spray the solution over the film. You may use it multiple times based on the requirements.

Step 4

When the film is wet, take a plastic cling-on wrap or bubble wrap and use them to cover the entire film. Then spray the solution again over it.

Step 5

Leave it for two hours and then pull the wrappings off. After this time, the frostings will be removed.


Hopefully, these processes are going to be way more helpful for you, and you won’t have to ask how to remove frosted glass spray from the door again. If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.