Want to bring some changes to your home? How about the windows? No, we are not asking you to change your windows. Instead, you can do something to give them a new look. We are here to tell you about one way you can bring some changes to your windows or any class doors you have. The idea is to make them look frosted in a cheaper way. Yes, we will tell you how to frost glass with contact paper.

If you do not know what is frosted glass, then let us give you an idea. You have probably seen some glass windows that looks like it is foggy. You will not see clearly through the glass but see a very blurry vision of the outside. That look is known as the frosted glass look. This glass look is trendy to have inside house windows and doors.

Frosted glass will allow you to have the utility of glass and let you have privacy so that people will not be able to peek inside through the glass. But buying actual frosted glass can be expensive, and also changing the whole windows or doors can be a troublesome matter. Why do that when we tell you how to frost glass with contact paper? So, let’s learn the process without any further ado.

Learn: How to Frost Glass with Contact Paper

Creating the frosted glass effect with contact paper is the best glass DIY you can learn. It does not consume time or money. You can have fun while doing the project. To start off the task of how to frost glass with contact paper, we need to know what sorts of materials we are going to need. Creating the frosted glass effect with contact paper is the best glass DIY you can learn. It does not consume time or money. You can have fun while doing the project. To start off the task of how to frost glass with contact paper, we need to know what sorts of materials we are going to need. Materials You need to Complete the whole project, you will need-

• Clear contact paper 

• Windex 

• Utility knife 

• Pan scraper 

Measuring tool 

For the frosted effect, you need to use clear contact paper. The theme of frosted glass supposed to make things blurry and, at the same time, cannot be see-through. That is why the clean contact paper will be able to give you the good blurry or foggy effect to cover up the glass. As for Windex, there is nothing to be surprised off. When you are going to put the paper on the glass, you may end up placing it in the wrong position. The Windex will allow you to undo that mistake by making the surface slippery and letting the contact paper slide around to position it in the right place. Also, there could be some bubbles from inside the paper. The Windex will allow the drops to smooth out with the help of a scraper. 

How to Frost Glass With Contact Paper

Steps to Follow

After you are done collecting all materials you need to complete the project, you can start implementing the idea to reality. Make sure you have the right equipment and everything at your hand before you start. We are going to explain everything in some simple steps for you to understand without any difficulties. Follow the steps, and you will be done with the project in no time.

Step 1
To start the project of how to frost glass with contact paper, the first thing you need to do is select the windows or doors and measure them. That is when you will need the help of measuring tools. You need to measure all around the glass to see the length and width correctly. Write down all the measurements so you will not have to remeasure in case you forget.
Step 2
Now that you have measured the glasses that you want to turn into frosted, you need to count the amount of paper you will need. Write down the measurement on the form. One thing you have to remember to do is cutting the paper ½ inches wider than the window measurement. This is too needed as it will allow the form to wiggle its way into the perfect shape, and you can also clean the edges in the final touch. Make sure when you are cutting, you cut the paper in a straight line.
Step 3
The next thing you have to do is use Windex on the glass where you are going to place the contact paper. The reason you will need Windex is to let the paper slide on the glass properly. Once you start using the contact paper without Windex, it will get stuck in one place, and there will be no room for you to adjust the paper if you need to. The Windex will allow the paper to move around the glass for a bit until it dries down. There is no need to worry as the Windex will quickly dry away, and it will not leave any extra mark either.
Step 4
Now it is the essential step of the whole project. You have to carefully remove the back paper from the contact paper that you are going to place on the first glass. You have to be extremely careful when you are taking it off to not make the paper crease. If the paper is creasing, the effect of frosting will not be smooth. As soon as you take the back paper off, you need to put the paper immediately on the glass-covered in Windex. At first, it supposes to feel slipper due to the Windex. It will let you allow to adjust the paper to the right position.
Step 5
After the contact paper is placed in the right position, you need to use the scrapper. We are going to warn you not to use a metal scraper. The metal scraper will end up puncturing the contact paper). Slowly run the scraper on the contact paper. It will allow the bubbles and Windex to push through the side and release outside. If the surface of the contact paper is not smooth, the glass will not look frosty, and the paper will stay.
Step 6
As for the last step, you need to take the utility knife. As we have mentioned earlier to keep the paper ½ inches wider, and it is going to come in handy right now. You will see that around the edge of the class, there are extra paper remaining. You can cut them off with the utility knife to give a seamless finishing to the glass. You need to be careful when using the knife to not cut any used portion of the paper. Sit the glass for drying, and when it is done, your frosted glass is ready.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to frost glass with contact paper. You can turn all the windows and doors that have glass on them to make them look frosted to give a new outlook to your home. There are so many advantages to using contact paper. Once you get bored with the frosted look, you can easily take off the paper, and your glass will become just like it was before. And if you want to give it a brand-new look, you can also use other designed contact paper and decorate the glasses following the same method. Another idea we can give you is you can take the utility knife and make