Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent assistant, and it has earned vast popularity within a few times. It can enable you with outstanding capability, and when you have Alexa set up in your home, you can control almost anything by the sound of your voice. Whether you want to play music or create a shopping list, just ask Alexa; it will do the rest. But recently, when you have finished the Amazon Echo Setup, you have noticed the ring light issue, aren’t you? Well, that’s a sign of different things, but if you really feel that annoying, you can shut that up. Do you know how to fix Alexa ring light issues? Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy. I am going to show you the exact techniques; just stick with the article till the end.

As I have said, the flushing of yellow light can notify lots of things. In fact, the flashing can happen in various colors, and that’s for different types of notifications.

Actually, the Echo is way too expressive, and that’s why each of its light has a particular meaning. If there is something wrong or if the device wishes to convey something in front of you, it uses the light for doing that. Okay, now let’s see what does each of these light signals means.

What Does the Echo’s Light Ring Mean?

Alexa will remain silent or in sleep mode until you say the word “wake up.” But sometimes, the LED ring light surrounding the top of the Echo and Echo Dot lights up automatically, even if you are not using your cellphone or speakers.

In this case, consider that’s a signal that the device has detected a problem or it has got something to notify you. Let’s see what do these different lights explain.

Spinning Violet: Well, this is a signal that notifies that there are some issues with the Wi-fi connection. You may need to set that up once again.

Spinning Orange: This signal means the device is connecting up with your network. You may have to wait for some time.

Solid Red: This means the microphone is turned off. Your Alexa is not listening to your commands. If this happens, you have to push the microphone and turn it on again.

How to Fix Alexa Ring Light Issues


How to Fix Alexa Ring Light Issues 2

The yellow light will not stop spinning until you read the message and solve the issue. So, If you want to stop the light from spinning, you have to first check the message. So, it will be better if you check the inbox first before moving to another step.

 1. Check Your Internet Connection

Amazon’s Echo is of no use if you don’t have an internet connection. So, you must pay proper attention to it. Before moving towards anywhere else, you have to first check the internet connection, whether the connections have got interrupted or not. If the connection type incompatible, the yellow light will be found flashing all the time.

 2. Check the Alexa App

In order to use the device fluently, you have to use the updated version of the Alexa app. So, make sure to do that. If the app is not updated, that can be an issue for which yellow light can prevail.

 3. Restart the Network

Sometimes our internet can get overburden by using it continuously. That causes internet laxity, and due to that laxity, your device may work slowly or show you that yellow light ring. A slow internet connection is really a great issue that can hamper the overall performance of the device. So, it is better to restart your device after some days. You can do that after a month or in a week; when you, the yellow light is prompting on your device.

Final Thoughts

Well, these are the main reason for the Alexa light ring issue. If you follow the above techniques and solve the issues, it will then stop showing the lights. But after trying all these, if the ring light is still visible, you need to look for someone who has earned his expertise on fixing this. You can also contact the techs of the Echo helpline center. They will also help you out. Hopefully, the above discussion has cleared your fact, and you won’t have to ask anyone how to fix Alexa ring light issues again.