Whether you have French doors, sliding doors, or patio doors, you are gonna need to use some coverings to ensure proper privacy. You would definitely not like to let others see what you are doing inside. That’ll be really awkward, isn’t it? Do you know how to cover the glass door for privacy? Maybe you know a little or more, but how about a detailed guide? That’s what I am going to discuss in this article. Here, you will find a simple and stylish way to cover your glass doors appropriately so that you can acquire the required privacy.

A glass door is one of the useful items of attraction. It adds a special touch to the interior design and makes it look more elegant. Moreover, they allow you to enjoy a beautiful sight viewing and let the natural sunlight enter your room. It’s beneficial for keeping the rooms warm and cozy, especially in the coldest seasons. But in some places, it’s like a nightmare. In some regions like Arizona, it remains too hot most of the time, and letting too much sunlight inside of your house can be a big thing to be concerned about. This means your glass door is needed to cover up for both privacy and comfort. So, come with me, and let’s show you how to cover glass doors for privacy without hampering the stylish appearance of your home.

How to Cover Glass Doors for Privacy

There are several household items in the present market that can be used to cover up the glass doors by maintaining the style. They offer an elegant look and available at an affordable price. So, you can buy them to cover up your glass doors. Let’s discuss them one by one. There are several household items in the present market that can be used to cover up the glass doors by maintaining the style. They offer an elegant look and available at an affordable price. So, you can buy them to cover up your glass doors. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Roman Shades
If you are fond of classic styles and you maintain that style even when you are covering your glass door, then this item is only for you. Roman shades are renowned for creating a classic design with its traditional flat style. You can select that one, or you can select the contemporary waterfall look, available with rich folds. These are found with an accurate dimension to cope with every glass door. So, you won’t have to worry about the sizes too. In fact, its accurate size ensures that you will get proper protection from harmful UV light and your desired privacy. If you want to gain more versatility and precise control, you should go for the motorized versions. With them, you can adjust the shades and cover areas with just a simple press of a button.

2. Sliding Panels
You want to protect your privacy from others, and at the same time, you also want to maintain the functionality. This is where most of us hesitate because finding a perfect combination is a bit tough. Maybe you have tried but not sure which one to pick. Then feel free to select the sliding panels for your glass door. This item is suitable for glass and French doors so that you can maintain the required functionality without compromising anything. Sliding panels and vertical blinds are quite the same. They provide the required privacy and adequate light solutions in your room. They feature a wide fabric panel and covers a large area with it. You just have to slide them side-to-side to open your door completely. It offers a stylish solution to the glass doors. This means you can maintain your stylish appearance with it.

3. Pleated Shades
Okay, let’s face this now. Simplicity is also a great way to express your unique taste of style, and maybe you are one of them who wants to acquire a simplistic style and proper functionality. If that’s the case, then pleated shades are going to be perfect for you. It is designed is quite similar to the traditional shades, but the modern ones have taken this traditional style to the next level. It can incorporate with every home decors and interior design. The great thing about the pleated shades is that they can be customized in your own way based on your fabric choice, light-filtering, whether sheer. This means you will get an appropriate solution in your own preferred style. You won’t have to struggle much while using these shades because it crisps and folds automatically. Giving you all the controls you need.

4. Vertical Blinds
Well, these are most commonly used as window shades, but they can also be used for covering your glass doors. Vertical blinds offer a perfect combination of a traditional and sophisticated look. They are extremely functional and bring real beauty to your glass door. You just have to choose your favorite color and pattern from its wide variety of designs. Once you bring them home, you can make complete the adjustments easily. Its adjustments are simple, and once you complete that, simply close the blinds to acquire your desired privacy. Its vanes are designed to block the lights during the brightest hours so that you can remain comfortable, avoiding the excessive heat of light. So, make your appearance nice and pretty with this window treatment.

How to Cover Glass Doors for Privacy1

Decorating the Glass

How about some decorations on your glass? The above items are useful, and you can get them from your nearest store, but some decorations can also give your house a unique look, protecting your privacy. So, let’s see how to do that:

Frosting: A frosting spray will enable you with the easiest way to cover up the glasses of your door. In this case, you can use some enhanced frosting sprays to finish up the process simply. If you want to avoid the messes, you can buy a ready-made frosted window film. They are available in lots of fun designs to cope with the requirements of users.

Etching: You can create several designs on the glasses by using etching cream. Making a rain on the glass effect will help you to cover up the glasses.

Stained glass: Well, this is the simplest technique that works more effectively. It can be done easily by using a little amount of liquid lead on your glass. If you want to make it more elegant, you can use a film, such as a frosting film, to make the job done with more elegancy.

Blue Painter’s tape: If you want to ensure some serious privacy, you should use blue painter’s tape to cover your glass door properly. First of all, apply the tape horizontally along the outside edges and then use it to cover up the entire glass. Remember, it’s not going to enhance the design, but it can protect your privacy effectively.


How to cover glass doors for privacy? Have you got your answer? Hopefully, you have got an accurate idea to cover up your glass door with some appropriate products. Look, there are more items that can be used for this purpose, but I have discussed some of the well-known and most used items. If you have got any questions, feel free to ask me through the comment section below. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.