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LIFE | What It Means To Live Your BEST LIFE in 2016

Can you believe it? It’s the last day of the year. After today, 2015 will be no more than a memory. Tomorrow brings so much hope and promise; a brand new year is literally right around the corner, and it’s going to be a…

December 31, 2015

STYLE | A Day at The Getty Center, Los Angeles

Happy July! I hope you enjoyed Independence Day weekend and had a lovely time celebrating with family and friends. I was in California for July 4th and had so much fun wedding-ing, tourist-ing and soaking up all the beauty that California has to offer.…

July 7, 2015

INSTAGRAMMED // Our Time in Thailand

  We’re back from our honeymoon! It feels like we were gone for such a long, long time. And I enjoyed every minute of it! We were away for two and a half weeks, which is the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, and we…

January 19, 2015


We Made It! I’m so excited. Ahead of us lies a brand new year. Our year. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we’ll do in 2015. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness and optimism on this first day of…

January 1, 2015

LIFE | 7 Blogs to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Summer is the season when we all want to get away. See new things. Experience something different. Try something for the first time. It’s the perfect season for wanderlust, and I’m experiencing it something MAJOR. I love traveling, but I can never seem to…

July 22, 2014
Wearing marley twists and a Kate Spade Saturday dress in Hope Gardens (Mona Heights, Kingston, Jamaica)

Hope Gardens

These pictures were taken one month ago today at Hope Gardens in Mona Heights (Jamaica) the day after Quentin and I got engaged. I can’t believe it’s only been a month. I feel like we’ve been engaged much longer. I remember I put on…

August 27, 2013
beach day - cover photo

beach day

Going to the pool is cool, but going to the beach is everything. Once we hit Jamaica’s north coast, we were at the beach every single day. Even though I can’t swim (I know, I know…but it’s on my list!), I like spending time…

July 30, 2013
the feisty house on instagram - jamaica, jamaica

Instagrammed // Jamaica, Jamaica

  I’ve missed you all!!! I spent all of last week in Jamaica, and made the conscious decision to take a true vacation and not check any work email or do any blogging. It was AMAZING! Sometimes, you really just need to unplug and…

July 29, 2013
take me to the ocean


Source I’m so excited; tomorrow I’m heading to Jamaica for an entire week. I’ve never taken a real, full-week vacation (ever)! I’m bringing my computer, but I don’t intend on doing much blogging (if any). I may have some other surprises on the blog…

July 19, 2013
fireworks over the river in chicago

Independence Day

Quentin and I spent Independence Day in Chicago! It was my first time there, and we had a good time visiting his brother’s family and exploring the city. It was a full house–Q’s brother and wife have a 7-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a brand…

July 8, 2013
purse and contents arranged on hardwood floor

What’s in my bag?

I carry this thrifted, $4.00 purse (inspired by the much more expensive Coach City Bag) around with me EVERYWHERE. I wear it as a crossbody, and then my hands are free to put in my pockets (gloves don’t work for me…when it’s cold, I…

January 14, 2013
packing-thanksgiving-cover photo

Packing for my Thanksgiving trip to Florida!

I’m really excited about heading home for Thanksgiving! It’s always been a huge deal at my house, even a bigger deal than Christmas. And I’m excited that Quentin will be joining me and my family for Thanksgiving dinner for the first time! Follow me…

November 21, 2012
instagrammed-bermuda-baseball-cover photo

Instagrammed // Bermuda and Baseball

Just a little bit of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks! Took in a baseball game at Nationals Park (I ate three hot dogs…they were mini, but it was still a lot of food!) Two really great scenes from my trip…

August 3, 2012


I spent last Friday through Monday in Bermuda! It has taken me forever to get back into the swing of things here in the States. I really miss lounging around, not answering emails, not being at work…sigh. In all seriousness, Bermuda is a beautiful…

July 18, 2012