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ENTREPRENEURSHIP | Investing in Myself

If you would have told me six months ago that I would be going part-time at work and leaving my job at the end of the year, I would have cried and punched you in the face. Because six months ago, I felt trapped…

July 20, 2017

LIFE | Making the Most of the Rest of 2017

We’re officially halfway done with this year. I’m so ready to end the next six months on a high note and make the most of the rest of 2017. My big goal for 2017 is to edit my life down to only those things…

July 3, 2017

LIFE | Want a Productive Morning Routine? Start the Night Before!

Before I got pregnant with Maya, I was the queen of the morning routine, and I loved my hyper-organized life. I felt so energetic and accomplished. Fast forward to six months after Maya’s arrival, and my life is totally in shambles! No, seriously. I’m…

February 23, 2017
The 2017 Word of the Year is EDIT

LIFE | The 2017 Word of the Year is EDIT

What is going on with 2017? I’ve found it difficult to be inspired this year, and if my social media feeds are any indication, we’re all feeling some type of way. It feels like we’re living in perilous times. We’re angry, angst-ridden, emotionally drained.…

February 10, 2017

LIFE | How to Write Your Own Happiness List

I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a BIG year for a lot of us. Don’t you? I mean, it’s still January…at the end of the day, even if you haven’t done anything but sit around and contemplate your next move…

January 21, 2016

LIFE | What It Means To Live Your BEST LIFE in 2016

Can you believe it? It’s the last day of the year. After today, 2015 will be no more than a memory. Tomorrow brings so much hope and promise; a brand new year is literally right around the corner, and it’s going to be a…

December 31, 2015

LIFE | The 2016 Word of the Year is EXECUTE

If I’m being 100% honest, 2015 is one of the best years I’ve ever had. 2015 has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I know who I am as a blogger and burgeoning business owner, and who I know who I’m not. I’ve defined…

December 15, 2015

WEEKEND WORD | Daughters of the King

For He will command His angels concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11 When Malia and Sasha Obama walked the streets of New York this summer, they seemed to effortlessly blend in with the rest of New York; they ate…

December 5, 2015

WEEKEND WORD | Learning to Fly

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31   This week was the first time I worked…

November 7, 2015

LIFE | How to Wake Up Early Every Morning

One of the best things I did for myself this year was create a morning routine. When I wake up early and focus on myself before starting the day, things are so much better. I feel better, I have more energy, and I get…

November 2, 2015

LIFE | My Morning Routine: Progress, Challenges and Changes

Oh boy. I’ve been trying to nail down a consistent morning routine since early this year, after coming to the realization that I need to change the way I start my day. I developed my first morning routine back in January; things were good…

May 6, 2015

SHOPPING | Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Magazines and TV commercials make it seem like Valentine’s Day is all about us. And our guys usually feel the same, too. They get us flowers, pay for a nice dinner (or make one…that’s always a nice touch!) and then we also get a…

February 3, 2015


We Made It! I’m so excited. Ahead of us lies a brand new year. Our year. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we’ll do in 2015. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness and optimism on this first day of…

January 1, 2015

LIFE | 15 Resolutions for 2015

Welp, we’re almost there. 2015 is literally around the corner. I’ve been thinking about New Year’s for a while, and I’ve already written 15 resolutions for 2015 (they’re below, in the order they came to mind). This is a personal list based on where…

December 31, 2014

LIFE | How to Get a Head Start on 2015

  So I know we haven’t gotten through Christmas yet, but I can’t help but look forward to 2015. I can tell it’s going to be a year of intense action, of healthy changes in a positive direction. This year was a huge learning…

December 24, 2014

Goodbye, Summer

Me wearing my favorite summer hairstyle…Marley twists! Summer isn’t “officially” over yet, but it may as well be for me. I’m already feeling the newness of Fall. Something about the cooler days and crisp nights make me feel so primed for fresh opportunities. It’s like…

September 8, 2014

LIFE | 7 Blogs to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Summer is the season when we all want to get away. See new things. Experience something different. Try something for the first time. It’s the perfect season for wanderlust, and I’m experiencing it something MAJOR. I love traveling, but I can never seem to…

July 22, 2014

Cheers to the Weekend // 02

When you live in a city as beautiful as New York, sometimes the best way to spend the weekend is to go for a drive and see it. When’s the last time you actually saw your city? Perhaps it’s time to get reacquainted…why not…

June 28, 2014