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The Feisty House is a faith-based lifestlye blog for creative, entrepreneurial, blog-loving, passionate women who want to live beautiful and fulfilled lives. It is a space where women are encouraged to stay inspired, stay faithful, and live life to the fullest! The Feisty House is focused on empowering women to use their individuality and creativity to become the very best versions of themselves. Here women are inspired to pursue their dreams of owning their own businesses, to share their unique perspectives through blogging and social media, and to find the time to do something they love each and every day.

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Krystal Scott started The Feisty House with a friend in 2009 as a way to learn more about maintaining healthy natural hair and share her own personal style. Krystal has since grown The Feisty House into a place to share her daily inspirations, personal style and beauty finds, bits & pieces of the life she’s building for herself in New York City (including her goals for her thirties), as well as experiences from other creative women who are dreaming big and creating happiness in their own lives.

Krystal considers herself a “part-time entrepreneur” and uses The Feisty House as a way to encourage other creative women with entrepreneurial aspirations to take the plunge. On the blog, Krystal shares business and blogging tips, as well as stories from her favorite lady entrepreneurs through the DREAM JOB Interview Series. Krystal also hosts the DREAM JOB Brunch in NYC, which allows women with big dreams of owning their own businesses to meet and network with like-minded women, and get insights directly from accomplished Black women entrepreneurs regarding how they were able to launch their companies.

When she’s not blogging, working on her business, or looking after her baby girl, Krystal loves to try new recipes, play around in Photoshop, and get lost on Pinterest.


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