ENTREPRENEURSHIP | How to Stay Positive While You Build Your Business

May 18, 2017

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | How to Stay Positive While You Build Your Business | via The Feisty House

I’ve taken some major steps in launching my business over the past few weeks.

Okay, let me back up a bit…

If you’ve been reading The Feisty House for a while, then you know that I have wanted to start my own business for a while now. I’ve had a ton of ideas (I had an apparel company, then I was a blog coach at one point, and most recently I’d started designing home decor). And I’m currently working as a health policy director and advocate at a nonprofit while waiting on God to show me how I can both fulfill my purpose and support myself financially.

Well over the past few weeks, after lots of ups and (mostly) downs and thoughts about quitting this blog and ending this journey to create my dream job, I had a bit of a breakthrough. I started a re-brand of my social media channels (you can find me @byKrystalElaine instead of @thefeistyhouse) in order to make space for the new project. I wrote my mission statement and got some amazing feedback from my tribe, which felt really good. And I took some new photos to use around the internet (thanks to the husband). But even with those successes, I was in a funk that kept me from getting anything else done. For every two steps I took in my business, negative thoughts and feelings took me one step back. I’ve felt it all: feelings of inadequacy after taking a year off from blogging and social once I got pregnant; feelings of jealousy from looking around at how much further ahead everyone is; feelings of frustration because I just don’t have as much time to devote to building a business as I used to; and lots of feelings of “Why even bother?”

If you’re like me, everything starts and ends in your head. Before I fail at anything in real life, I’ve already psyched myself up to fail in my mind. The same is true when I have a win; when I’m successful, it’s because I’ve told myself that I can do what I’ve set out to do. Those of us who live in our heads need to be extra careful not to entertain feelings of doubt, inadequacy or fear. Starting a new business is hard enough as it is! We don’t need our own negative thoughts sabotaging our shot at our dream job.


How to Stay Positive While You Build Your Business

It’s so important to maintain a positive mindset when you’re starting or building a business. This stuff isn’t easy, and negativity will just make it seem even harder (or downright impossible). So to give ourselves the best shot at successfully starting and building our businesses, below are a few things we can do to get our minds right:


I’m so much more positive when I start my day with prayer and meditation. When we look to God first before anything else, we have no need to feel anxious or fearful. There’s no room for feelings of inadequacy when you know He’s making sure everything is working in your favor. My best days start with early morning prayer (about 5:00 AM). I know that one of the reasons why I’ve been feeling stressed out and having so many negative thoughts is because I haven’t been putting God first.

Praying throughout the day is also a great way to maintain a positive mindset. Inevitably something is going to come along and try to through you off your game. In that moment, rather than give in to feelings of negativity, take a few deep breaths and say a quick prayer. That small gesture of gratitude and mindfulness will work wonders for your mindset!


Spend Time Alone

I’m introverted, so if I don’t get some time to myself to recharge, I can end up in a pretty negative space. But even if you aren’t introverted, spending time alone (and away from social media) can help you gain perspective and let go of negativity.



I’m in such a good mood after a run. Because endorphins. Because accomplished. Because outdoors. I haven’t gone for a run in almost two weeks, so no surprise I haven’t been in the best mood. If you find your head spinning with negative thoughts, go for a run, head to the gym; do whatever you can to get your mood-boosting endorphins flowing.


Get Enough Sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep, our brains aren’t functioning at their full potential, so we’re likely being overly critical and overly negative as a result. It’s hard to stay positive when you’re too tired to think straight! My goal is to shut down my computer at 9:00 PM, head upstairs by 9:30 PM and be asleep by 10:00 PM and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Yes, it’s hard to prioritize sleep when you’re starting a business (especially if you also have a full-time job or a family), but you’ll be much more positive (and more creative) if you get a good night’s sleep, so start making it a priority!


Reach Out to Family and Friends

When it isn’t enough to try to work out your negative thoughts on your own and you really need to get out of your own head, try talking to encouraging family members or friends who can remind you of your strengths and help you focus on more positive things. If you feel negativity has become your norm, it may also help to talk to a professional counselor about ways to curb your negative thinking.


Do Something Else

Sometimes you just have to take a break and do something that isn’t related to your business. This is what I like to call “healthy space.” Take as much time as you need (whether it’s a few hours or a few weeks) in order to start feeling good about what you’re doing again.



How do you like to stay positive as you build your business?

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  • Ericka

    Great advice as always! Stay encouraged and know that you are not alone! “For I know the plans I have for you, says The Lord, plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

    • Thank you, Ericka!!! And bless you for adding that word. I feel like I need to read Jer. 29:11 every single day.

  • Sandria Patterson

    Before I even read further, that line “those of us who live in our heads”… I just quoted that exact line to a… “potential suitor” a few days ago. I sometimes fear (living in my head again) that this self harming behavior will scare guys off. I explained to him that it is something I have to fight through daily. Some days I win. Other days I lose. It’s just refreshing when there is someone else who knows exactly how this mental struggle feels. And quotes it exactly the way I do. It is a battle, for sure. Knowing yourself and learning how it creeps its head in helps.

    • Girl…you know I know how you feel. My husband is VERY understanding of that part of me, though. He’s always encouraged me to talk things out with him, and it’s helped A LOT. I say that to say…the right guy won’t be scared away by that part of you because he’ll be patient enough to work through it with you (and he’ll think you’re worth the investment!)

  • Thanks Lyndsay! And all the best on your self-publishing journey! I hear it’s tough, but well worth it.

  • You’re so right: negative thoughts can be SO POWERFUL. I feel like I’m just now able to see how damaging they really are. I need to keep taking my own advice and exercise more! I can feel some anxiety wanting to creep up again, so it’s probably time for a run lol

  • Nya, I can’t thank you enough for leaving this comment. And yes, this is three weeks later…but I needed to read this now. You are SO FAITHFUL, and you are reminding me that I need to keep trusting in Him. Like, my heart was beating with fear for YOU when you said that the single income was not working out, but then I read the rest of your comment and witnessed your faith, and it reminded me that God will never leave us, nor will He forsake us. And if He’s called you to put this product out there into the world, then of course your business will be successful, even with the baby, and the lack of sleep, and the finding yourself after all those hormones…

    I’m so glad your husband is supporting you. One day your baby girl will hear how hard you worked and how faithful you were during this time and be so proud of her mama.

    I will be praying for you too! Ugh, thank you SO SO MUCH for leaving your comment. Bless up!

  • I love that you are always ready with an encouraging word, cuzzo. God’s gonna step in, I know it. Thank you for this reminder! *insert praise hands emoji*

  • I enjoyed this post very much! It can be difficult to share your journey, but it helps to remove the “is it just me?” question that can play on a loop in your mind when you receive encouragement and practical suggestions from others that are on similar journeys and have experienced ups and downs. Two additional things that work for me (and may help someone else) is to visualize the future regarding the success I am working toward today. I also speak aloud the dreams that I am pursuing. Words have the power to create. The best example is in Genesis. Let there be…and it was so.


    • I love that idea of speaking your dreams out loud! I very rarely do anything out loud, but you’re right: our words have such power!