BEAUTY | Bar Soap: An Indulgent Beauty and Self-Care Ritual for the Busy Girl Boss

May 23, 2017

BEAUTY | Create an Indulgent Beauty Ritual with Good Old Bar Soap | via The Feisty House

I used bar soap my whole life, until I was in my early twenties. My family’s bar of choice: Zest or Irish Spring (I’m not even joking). I can still remember taking two or three of the small old pieces of soap and trying to squeeze them into a larger bar so I could take a bath. Sigh…the good old days.

I made the switch to body washes from Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret when I started dating Quentin and wanted to feel grown and sexy. After using body wash religiously for about ten years, I started using bar soap again when I got pregnant because I couldn’t find a body wash that didn’t make me want to throw up. What started as necessity soon became my preference, and I still use bar soap every time I take a shower. Yes, bar soap is old school, but it can also be an indulgent part of your beauty ritual. Contrary to what you might remember from using cheap soaps (like the bar soap from the hotel), they aren’t always drying, and you can get a lot of lather from bar soap (the trick for more suds is to “melt” the barΒ  a little bit by sitting it in some water overnight). Bar soaps also come in lots of interesting fragrances (why doesn’t hotel bar soap ever smell good?), and in many cases they have fewer and “cleaner” ingredients than body wash.

My go-to bar of soap is Dove’s White Beauty Bar. It’s cheap, the scent is gorgeous and clean, plus it doesn’t dry out my skin. When I use it in the shower, I can wash my body and my face at the same time if I want. My absolute favorite soaps are The “Soap In A Tin” by Scottish Fine Soaps. They are more expensive than Dove, so I don’t use them every single day, but well worth the splurge. The scents are divine, and I could spend all day in the shower soaping up over and over and over again. They aren’t as moisturizing as Dove, but my skin doesn’t feel super dry after using them either.

Once I rediscovered bar soaps, I started collecting them, and bar soap is now a part of my beauty ritual. Bar soap is old fashioned, but also a little luxurious, and it’s such an easy way to have a more indulgent shower without spending an hour soaking in a bath. Sure, it would be great to take a bubble bath on a random Tuesday night, but we have work and goals and email to get through and social media accounts to manage and writing to do, plus there’s dinner and babies and bottom line is we don’t always have an hour or two to devote to soaking in the tub. For me, taking a shower with a nice bar of soap is a small way to practice self-care on a daily basis.


Do any of you (still) use bar soap? Which are your favorites?

How do you incorporate self-care into your beauty ritual?


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  • Olivia Stone

    Great read! I really need a great soap to go along with my Solvaderm! well what I need is something that can exfoliate my skin and can get my skin more fair, I think I will be making it a great partner with my Solvaderm