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April 5, 2017

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GET THE LOOK | dress (in black…but I love the Spring version)

These photos were taken on one of my many recent trips to South Florida; I’ve been down to Florida with Maya four times this year (so far). I was nervous about taking her on the plane, but she flies really well. So well that we’ve decided to take her to Italy for her first birthday! We’re heading to Rome in August, and it’ll be a lot of fun watching Maya experience a new country.

So now I have this huge dilemma. Remember my #NoSpend17 project? Like, I’m not supposed to shop for clothes in 2017 so that I can wean myself off of impulse buying and instead invest in a capsule wardrobe. Things were going great until I realized that we’re going on vacation and I have nothing to wear. And so in preparation for my trip, I’ve allowed myself to make a few purchases…

Even though it only lasted a few months, I do think I’ve learned a lot from my #NoSpend17. I am much more thoughtful about purchases. There are items I’ve been eyeing for weeks, and even now that I’ve given myself permission to shop a little bit, I’m weighing my options and making sure I’m buying things that I love, that fit well, and that are timeless (i.e. not too trendy). I’ve actually enjoyed this new sense of control. I don’t feel like I need to buy things just for the sake of buying something. Honestly if it wasn’t for Rome, I think I could have made it to the end of the year without buying, which would have been really sad, because this Spring has already been such a good season for fashion. I mean seriously, there are some really great pieces out there.

Before making a few purchases this weekend, the last time I bought anything to wear was about five months ago. The last piece of clothing I bought is this black dress by The Tiny Closet, which I got last November. It’s my ideal dress: it looks current without being too trendy, it’s sexy without being too revealing, and minimalist but not boring. It looks good with flats for a casual day in Wynwood, or with heeled sandals on New Year’s Eve (yep, I wore this dress to celebrate New Year’s, and I felt amazing). I want every piece in my closet to be as versatile, comfortable and unique as this dress, and that’s what I keep reminding myself as I start the process of shopping for my warm-weather wardrobe.

How do you approach shopping for new clothes?

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  • You look amazing, mama! The hair is growing out so beautifully; it suits you very well.