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October 29, 2016

40 Weeks Pregnant

Forty weeks is a loooooong time.

Forty weeks is how long it takes (officially) to make a tiny human. I was pregnant for 40 weeks and two days.

Forty weeks is also about as long as it’s been since my last post.

Over the past 40 weeks, a lot in my life has (clearly) changed. I’ve gone from being pregnant and hating it, to anticipating my little baby, to experiencing labor and delivery (good Lord…why doesn’t anyone tell you how much contractions hurt?) to being a full-fledged mom.

Guys…I’m a MOM.

Creatively, I’ve experienced a lot of changes, too.

I wrote my last blog post in January. I’d been asked to speak at Alt Summit that month, but had to cancel my appearance because I add terrible morning sickness (which is really “all day” sickness…something else no one ever tells you). For most of my pregnancy (minus a few good days, like the one I was having when these photos were taken), I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I was always sick, and that made it really difficult for me to enjoy anything, including blogging. One week turned into two, then three, and then soon it had been months since I’d written a post. Tons of you sent me DMs, tweets, emails asking where I was (I’ve appreciated all of your notes by the way!) I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. I hated being pregnant, I was miserable all the time, and that made being creative pretty impossible.

All of that changed once I had Maya. I know, it sounds cheesy and cliche, but that little girl has really inspired me. And after taking a few weeks to get used to being a mom (and operating on three hours of sleep a night), I’m happy to say that I believe this renewed creativity is going to allow me to put out some really great content. But most of all, I’m even more committed to sharing the “realness” of being a new mom, a wife, a creative, a thirty-something, a Black woman, a Believer, an employee and an entrepreneur.

Trust me: if you liked reading The Feisty House before, you’re going to love it now.

40 Weeks Pregnant

In the Bible, the number 40 has special significance. When you read about the number 40 in the Bible it’s usually associated with a journey, a transition, a period of growth. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before they reached the Promised Land. Jesus fasted for 40 days before he started his ministry. I believe I’ve been on a creative journey for the past 40 weeks, and I’m so looking forward to sharing my ideas with you (and hearing more about how we can grow together has a community!) And how fitting that pregnancy lasts 40 weeks; mentally, physically and emotionally, pregnancy really is a journey…

…but that’s another post for another time.








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  • Krystal!! I’m so happy you are back, but equally as glad that you took a break and some time for you. Congratulations on Maya, she is BEAUTIFUL! and I am sure you and hubby are proud. You look gorgeous in these pictures. I’ve never been pregnant, but I had a friend who had a similar experience as you with her second pregnancy. She was sick pretty much every day. On the bright side, she didn’t gain a lot of weight (her words) 😉 I’m looking forward to you being back and learning from your experiences. I got engaged over the summer so I need help with this whole be-a-wife thing that I’m working towards lol. I hope you share a little of Maya with us 🙂 I have, of course, seen your Instagram posts, but I hope some make it to the blog, too. Happy Sabbath! 🙂

  • Looking forward to having you back!

  • So happy your back! And I love, love, love that you tied in the Biblical significance of the number 40.

  • So glad you’re back. Missed your inspirational posts. Congrats on your new journey

  • Jc Jc

    Aww congrats girl! I also have a baby girl, welcome to the club, it is a hard ride but the best ride you will ever have!

  • So glad to see you back! I’m rolling into my 40th week of pregnancy(Jesus be a contraction!) and our process sounds very similar: sick most of the time, fairly uninspired and exhausted, “enjoy” is not a word readily used to describe my pregnancy experience. I can’t WAIT to meet my little joy. And my prayer is that, like you, once I’ve come out of this season, I’ll have renewed creativity and focus. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL and so are you! Congrats – you are such an inspiration!

  • Nicole Robinson

    You looked great!!! Yes I can’t wait for new post!!!