December 2015 Blogging and Business Goals

December 4, 2015

December 2015 | Blogging and Business Goals - The Feisty House

Before I start this post, I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for all your comments and social media shares and kind words about my last post, in which I shared my progress on my November 2015 Blogging and Business goals, as well as my income report and my blog traffic stats for last month.  It wasn’t an easy decision to be so transparent and forthcoming with my numbers, but you all have responded so well to the post, and I really enjoyed writing it, so THANK YOU again.

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In November I started sharing my monthly blogging and business goals, and it’s something I plan to keep doing. I’ve found that it’s helped keep me focused and keep me accountable, and I’ve also enjoyed hearing more about your blogging and business goals on Periscope during my weekly updates (catch me on Sunday afternoons), in the comments here on The Feisty House, and on social media.

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So as I journey to full-time entrepreneurship with a target date of April 2017, I’m sharing these monthly goals with you to show you exactly how I’m building my blog and business and working towards running my own business full-time.

December 2015 Blogging and Business Goals

1 // Sell at least two sponsorship packages

Last month I developed a monthly sponsorship package for The Feisty House in an effort to bring in consistent income from the blog and provide brands with opportunities to connect with our community. I did some very minimal advertising last month,  but this month I want to step it up and  actually sell two months’ worth of sponsorship packages. In order to do that, I’m doing three things:

  • Adding a sidebar advertisement on The Feisty House to let potential sponsors know that sidebar space is available for purchase as part of the package;
  • Creating a “Work With Me” page for potential sponsors to get in touch with me directly; and
  • Reaching out to the brands I’ve worked with this year and making them aware that sponsorship opportunities are available. I’m going to find a non-pushy way to add that language into the thank you/holiday card I’m sending to brands this year.

2 // Secure an event sponsor for the January 2016 DREAM JOB Brunch and set a reasonable budget for the event

One of my November 2015 goals that I didn’t reach was to secure an event sponsor for the January 2016 DREAM JOB Brunch. I’m hoping to actually get that done this month. January will be here before we know it! I also need to set a budget for the DREAM JOB Brunch, which I will make available to brands I’d like to sponsor the event.

3 // Launch my “Blog Happy” website

I haven’t talked much about this, but I’m going to create a separate website to offer my Blog Happy Coaching services for newbie bloggers and start booking new clients for 2016. This year I took a few clients at reduced rates (and had some sessions for free) to get my feet wet and figure out exactly how I wanted to tailor my coaching services for blogging beginners. In a nutshell, I help beginner bloggers turn their blogs into their “happy place” and teach them how to avoid blogger burnout and overwhelm. I love this very niche type of coaching because it allows me to help new bloggers rediscover why they started blogging in the first place, help them find and share their unique voice, and help them come up with concrete strategies to blog consistently and in a way that makes them and their readers happy.

I’m planning to launch the Blog Happy site right after Christmas and start taking clients for 2016. It’s a HUGE undertaking, but I’m speaking about my Blog Happy “movement” at Altitude Summit in January, and I really want the site to be up and running well before the conference.

4 // Blog Traffic Goal: At least 10,000 unique visitors and 20,000 page views

I am keeping the same goal from last month because I still haven’t met these numbers. I need 1,035 more unique visitors and 689 more page views this month than I had last month in order to reach my goal. That’s a lot, but I’m hoping blogging more often and more consistently (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) will help me get there.

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5 // Blog and Business Income Goal: $3,350

I love that you all have been encouraging me to set a higher income goal than the one I had last month. I did! Considering that I made about $500 last month, my December income goal is pretty high, but if I sell the sponsorships, get a few Blog Happy clients, and secure an event sponsor for the January DREAM JOB Brunch, I’ll have made quite a bit!

Here’s a breakdown of this month’s income goal:

  • $600: Sponsored Posts
  • $300: Event Sponsorship
  • $1,200: Monthly Blog Sponsorships
  • $1,400: Blog Happy Coaching Sessions
  • -$150: Monthly Expenses



December is about to be BUSY. But that’s fine. I’m excited about tackling these goals head-on!

Let me know what you think, and share your December 2015 blogging and business goals in the comments!


Photo Source: Julia Manchik

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  • writelaughdream

    Okay love it. Especially a monthly sponsorship idea. One of my goals in the new year is definitely to partner with brands. But I am so apprehensive because I am not where I want to be yet with views and impressions. But as I grow, I am thinking about just getting my feet wet anyway. All they can do is say no or better yet ignore me. LOL. My goals for december are book editing and completing my writing course, The Writer, The Brand. Looking forward to checking in, in January to see how you did. Great post.

  • lcamille

    You can do it! This just made me excited about returning to blogosphere next year!

  • brea ellis

    Thanks again for sharing and being so transparent. Love watching you and your blog succeed!

  • Thank you, Bianca! December is moving a bit more slowly than I’d like, but I’m hoping to finish this last half of the month strong!

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  • Love those goals!! you rock!