WEEKLY WORD | Counting Our Blessings

September 19, 2015

Counting Our Blessings | A Women's Devotional Blog via The Feisty House

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Ephesians 3: 20, 21

I’m just getting back home after spending two weeks in South Africa, and I could not be more relaxed, refreshed and recharged than I am right now. There’s nothing like a change of scenery to give ourselves the space we need to reflect on where we are and where we’re heading and to check-in with ourselves and make sure that we’re really okay.

It was in South Africa that I realized that I am more than okay. I have been blessed beyond measure. I sat down and actually counted out a few of my blessings, and it was such a beautiful and overwhelming experience. God has taken me so far from where I was, further than I ever thought possible. I’m at a place in my life now that I couldn’t have imagined when I was in college or my early twenties. And so while I’m all for self-improvement and believe we should continue to pursue greatness, it’s also important that we take the time to thank God for where we are right now.

I am blessed to travel and become inspired by visiting new places. I left the country twice this year (first to Thailand in January for my honeymoon), and both experiences have energized me in ways I didn’t think were possible.

I’m blessed that I have had a year filled with new ideas, and I’m blessed that I’m passionate about pursuing those ideas and turning them into my life’s work. I cannot tell you how fired up I am about my plans for the last few months of 2015!

I’m blessed that I had such a positive experience turning 30 and that I feel like I really know and understand myself now. I’m blessed that with knowing myself comes the freedom from needing to compete with and compare myself to other people; I got through school by competing with everyone. It’s how I pushed myself to set the curve, to make the Dean’s List; but it also made me extremely competitive. I’m so blessed that at this point in my life, competition is the last thing on my mind.

I’m blessed to live with someone who really loves me. Like, the real me. We’ve been married 11 months, and there is nothing like spending your days with someone who knows (and understands) a lot about you (including the not-so-great things) and loves you anyway. I’m blessed to have a loving family and great friends. To be loved is to live the perfect life.

I’m blessed that I feel like I’m on the right track. I can’t see into the future, but I feel like I’m walking in the right direction, and that is a huge blessing because I know what it’s like to feel totally lost.

I’m blessed that I have this blog! A space where I can share my highs and lows and ups and downs with like-minded women. This year has been a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, not only for me, but for a lot of you too. It’s amazing that we’ve been able to be part of each others journeys, and I’ve been so blessed by this supportive community.

Taking some time off helped me to see that In spite of all the stress and frustration and second-guessing that comes with everyday life, God has still blessed me exceedingly abundantly above anything I could have ever asked for or imagined. Do you have a free weekend to get out of your city? Or can you make it a day trip? The next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed (or anytime you can before the end of the year), get away to clear your head, talk to God and count your blessings. I promise you’ll experience such peace and clarity.

What’s making you feel blessed these days?


  • Ashley Simmons


    I love your blog post! Everytime I read your blog posts I get inspired. I am so happy that you and your husband had a great time in South Africa and your pictures were awesome! That is now on my Bucket list of places to visit. And you are so right about counting our blessings. At times we look at our lives and if things are not going the way we intended them to be we get discouraged and start to have negative thoughts. But God has a plan for each and everyone of us and we ALL live different lives because we are different people. No one is the same. There are a few months left in this year and I want to make the most out of them. i think I will plan a weekend getaway soon and start preparing more for my trip to Dubai next month. God is Amazing!!!