STYLE | A Day at The Getty Center, Los Angeles

July 7, 2015

Happy July!

I hope you enjoyed Independence Day weekend and had a lovely time celebrating with family and friends. I was in California for July 4th and had so much fun wedding-ing, tourist-ing and soaking up all the beauty that California has to offer. The weather was just about perfect the four days I was there, and I spent the best day of my extended weekend with Quentin and his sister at The Getty Center in Los Angeles enjoying the art, the views, and the company.

A Day at The Getty, Los Angeles | The Feisty House How to Rock Curly Hair and a Wide Brim Hat | via The Feisty House A Day at The Getty, Los Angeles | The Feisty House A Day at The Getty, Los Angeles | The Feisty House A Day at The Getty, Los Angeles | The Feisty House

GET THE LOOK | wide brim hat: Urban Outfitters // blazer: H&M // crop top: Zara // high-waist jeans: Express // bracelet and earrings: H&M

I’m really starting to love hats, and I wish I wore them more often. As soon as I saw this one in the store, I knew I (ahem…we) had to have it. I think part of my renewed interest in wearing hats is that my hair is the perfect length for wearing them!

I’m also slowly (very slowly) developing a wardrobe full of things that (1) I love and (2) that fit me really well. I’m far from having the necessary basics (I still don’t even own a plain white tee), but I’m getting there. I just got rid of a lot of the things in my closet, and I’m currently contemplating a pile of clothes that need to either be tailored or sold. I just need to make up my mind and decide whether I love those things enough to spend the money getting them tailored. You won’t believe how many things I gave away this last time that I JUST got tailored within the past year! It’s a total waste of money, and I literally can’t afford to make that mistake twice.

Krystal of The Feisty House at The Getty Center, Los Angeles Wide Brim, Crop Top and High Waist Denim | The Feisty House Krystal of The Feisty House at The Getty Center, Los Angeles

In other news…my hair is growing! It’s hard to tell because I always wear it in super tight curls, but it is in fact growing (I suppose this isn’t much of an announcement…hair is supposed to grow). I’m going to be experimenting with twistouts and bantu knots again. I love wearing my hair in a curly fro, but it takes such a long time for me to set it on rollers, and I style my hair TWICE a week. I need a quicker way to style my hair, so I’m going to try the bantu knots and see what happens. It’s so funny that even though I’ve obviously done bantu knots and twistouts before, trying those styles on my shorter hair feels like such an adventure because I honestly have NO IDEA how they’re going to turn out.

Oh, and while I was in Los Angeles, everyone joined Periscope. Do you have an account? Should I get one too? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Love this outfit! H&M has been my go to store when it comes to nice affordable Blazers.

  • That outfit is so cute! Those jeans are to die for and that crop is amazing and of course your hair looks super cute 🙂

  • Fatima Farmer

    you look so cute!!!

  • You are working that hat! And that crop top, I kid you not that same top was calling my name on Zara earlier this morning but I stopped myself. I am kinda scolding myself now because looking at it on you puts its cuteness more into perspective. Happy to hear about your hair growth too lady!

  • Najoy Hibbert

    Those flats!! Where did you get those absolutely fantastic flats?