DREAM JOB Interview | Desiree Schnoor of The No-Think Thank You

July 29, 2015

DREAM JOB Interview with Black female entrepreneur Desiree Schnoor of The No-Think Thank You| via The Feisty House

It’s one thing for me to feature a female entrepreneur that I admire from afar. It’s another to celebrate one who I’ve known for years. I’ve been blessed to know this lady, and I’m so happy to share her story on The Feisty House today!

Meet Desiree Schnoor, a down-to-earth go-getter whose faith and determination would make her an easy choice for our next DREAM JOB Interview (even if we didn’t go to grad school together and she wasn’t married to one of Quentin’s best friends). Desiree is the founder of The No-Think Thank You, and it’s one of the most GENIUS and CREATIVE business I’ve ever heard of. She will send your thank you cards FOR YOU. But I’ll let her explain the details…I can’t wait for you to learn more!

 Dream Job Interview // Desiree Schnoor of
The No-Think Thank You

 Desiree Schnoor // Founder // Year Launched: 2014

How did you get started designing thank you cards?

The idea for The No-Think Thank You came to me in a dream! I’m inclined to think that at least some [part] of the idea was divinely deposited into my sleep-deprived brain (I had a newborn at the time!)

I know how hard it can be to feel and show thankfulness [to others]. And usually the times in our lives when we have a lot of thank you cards to send out are also the busiest times. [For example], if you’ve had a baby, you understand the genuine gratitude you feel after getting tons of wonderful gifts, but also the real task in writing nice thank you cards and getting them sent out quickly. So I’ve challenged the thinking about the timing of thank you cards. What if we could plan them ahead in some way? If we have a pretty big life event [coming up] in the future, what if we could take a few minutes to prepare cards that are thoughtful and personal and include a special message to our loved ones? Then after the event, what if we could let someone else print, stamp and send them out? I think that would leave a little more time for us to bask in our thankfulness, as well we should.

How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

The No-Think Thank You is both a product (the actual thank you cards) and a service (you customize your cards, ahead of time, if you want, and then after your event, we print, stamp and mail ‘em out). I have two amazing designers who create super-cute, fresh designs. I started my company because I remember the very real task of hand-writing all of my thank you cards after my wedding and baby showers! I wish there would have been a way for me to customize my card details ahead of time, so they were personal and professional, then after the event, have someone else do the work of printing and mailing them for me!

What were you doing before you launched The No-Think Thank You?

I am a wife and momma of three kids ages 5 and under..so, yeah. Professionally, I have a masters degree in public health and have worked in health education and promotion. I am also currently working with a non-profit, developing a women’s mentoring program that will involve triads of women consisting of older women, women around my age, and younger women. Not only will the younger women gain encouragement and wisdom from the older mentor, but the younger women will also bring energy and perspective to the dynamic.

DREAM JOB Interview with Black female entrepreneur Desiree Schnoor of The No-Think Thank You| via The Feisty House

How did you make the transition to entrepreneur?

Since I wasn’t working outside home before I started The No-Think Thank You, the transition has been more from full-time mommy to “full-time mommy PLUS.” A huge part of what has helped me get my business up and running has been working with my life coach. Setting realistic goals and being consistent with the accountability have kept me on track and given me the ability to prioritize [both] my family and my business.

How have you funded your business? How long has it taken you to see a profit? 

I had very little overhead costs starting up, really just the cost of my getting my website up and running. Since my business is truly both a product and a service, and since each order is custom, I recoup both my time and price of the card stock with each order.

What do you enjoy the most about owning your own business?

I love being able to give back through my business! In addition to working with local designers and using only 100% recycled paper products, at least 10 percent of our profits are used to send families to serve other families in need, both locally and internationally. Currently we are planning to help a family build an access ramp for their son in their home.

What do you enjoy the least about owning your own business?

The growing pains! [But] since the business is so new, I am learning so much by asking a lot of questions, making a lot of mistakes and staying consistent.

DREAM JOB Interview with Black female entrepreneur Desiree Schnoor of The No-Think Thank You| via The Feisty House

Was there ever a point when you wanted to give up?

Since the whole idea for the card service was something I dreamt, I think I could have just dismissed it before I even got started. Just starting is often the hardest part.

How are you getting the word out about The No-Think Thank You? How are you establishing your social media presence?

My main markets are brides and new moms, and since I happen to be in the stage of life where I know a lot of brides and moms, I have a pretty captive audience. I have found that a lot of business is still about good ol’ fashioned [word-of-mouth] referrals and gaining people’s trust.

What’s been the most amazing moment for The No-Think Thank You so far?

In the early stages of getting the word out about my business, I reached out to a friend from high school who is in the wedding industry. I found out about her company, Black Sheep Bride, which connects socially-conscious brides with socially-conscious wedding vendors. She empowers brides to make an impact that reaches far beyond their special day. I knew right away I needed to hook up with this awesome vision! Becoming a Black Sheep Bride vendor has given me the opportunity to connect with other companies who are giving back with their businesses, and lets my customers know that with their card order, they are sending their thanks even farther.

 Any advice for aspiring designers?

Take it one step at a time. Set realistic goals. Be consistent..and dream!

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  • Nureka Findlater

    Way to go Desiree. I am so proud of you! I am sure I will be using your services in the future. 🙂