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June 22, 2015

How I Developed My Business Idea | The Feisty HouseI’ve been keeping a secret. You see, I’m trying something new, you guys. Something I’ve never done before. Something I have absolutely no experience doing. Something I pray becomes a successful business.

It all started 2 1/2 years ago, when I moved to New York. I was spending a decent mount of time with Quentin at his apartment, and I thought it would be nice to buy him some new sheets. His bedding collection was really just a mash up of navy blue, burgundy and gray separates. One of them was made of jersey material (yes, just like a jersey dress). So I started looking for sheets for Q’s bed…

A few weeks ago, I found some.

It took me two years to buy decent sheets for what had now become “our” bed, and I finally made a purchase out of what had become desperate necessity. Neither of us is really in love with our sheets. The print is super generic (one of them is literally just thin blue and white stripes) and the sheets themselves feel just okay.

Several times during my search for the perfect sheets, I remember saying to myself, “I wish I could just design my own,” but I never thought much of it. And then after looking back on my two-year ordeal, I started thinking about designing my own bedding. I started jotting down ideas. I came up with a name. And it was still nothing serious until I got the idea out of my head and started talking about it out loud. That’s when I started really thinking this could be real. Yesterday I bought a few domain names for my new business, and the next step is incorporation.

I didn’t plan on sharing my business idea with you all just yet because I don’t have any experience in design, or bedding, or home decor. But when I got the chance to partner with Ford and share the Switch It Up Series, I knew I had to tell you all at least this much. Switch It Up is a YouTube series dedicated to challenging experts to try something new, whether that’s a new hobby, a new food, going to somewhere you’ve never been, or launching a new business! In the spirit of the Switch It Up Series, I’m sharing my new business idea with all of you! It’ll be challenging to try something completely different, something I don’t have any experience with, but this is something I think I could be really good at! Just see the fun DIY in the most recent Switch It Up episode, now on YouTube: culinary expert Merrill Stubbs has no experience in design either, and she did fine!

It’s totally fine to get out of your comfort zone. I’ve learned that it can take a few tries before you find a business idea that really resonates with you and is something you can be passionate about and focus on and feels like a natural extension of your interests, and it may not be a business you’ve had any experience with before. Jessica Alba didn’t have any experience creating organic beauty products or safe household cleansers until she started The Honest Company, but she took a chance, filled a space where she saw a need, and now she’s at the helm of a billion-dollar business.

Everything is still so new, but I’m excited about switching things up a bit and making this idea a reality. This is a totally new space for me, but it feels so right! I can’t wait to tell you all more about this new phase.

Do you have any plans to “switch it up”? New career? Going back to school? Moving to a new city? I’d love to hear all about it…tell me in the comments!


Many thanks to Ford for sponsoring this post and selecting me to announce my new business idea while promoting the Switch It Up Series!  As always, all opinions stated here are 100% original and 100% my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that work with blogs like The Feisty House!

Photo Source: Ashley Ella Design

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  • Love this! Love the idea of getting out there and starting something new. It’s not a new idea, but it’s certainly a revolution.

  • Also like that you shared that you have no experience with design or some decor. Inspiring, as I’m currently embarking on something I’ve never done before. 🙂

    • Well here’s to learning something new and hopefully making a living while doing it =) Best to you and your new endeavors, too!

  • Lisa

    Also embarking on something new. Good luck. Thanks for sharing.

  • SR

    Congratulations Krystal! I’ve been reading your blog for yours and I’m so happy to witness your journey to success!!

  • OOooH! I love how you used the photo! Thanks for the credit. 🙂

    • I should be thanking you, Ashley! I love your idea of providing free stock images. I may just pay your kindness forward and create a few free images of my own! xo

  • Melissa Kimble

    This is AWESOME! Congrats!!!!

  • Now you know I’m in love with this! I just love seeing women create the life they want while doing what they love. Congrats!!!! And I can’t wait watch the growth of your new business venture.

    • Thanks so much, Siobhan. I’m really excited about everything (and terribly nervous), but I can see myself succeeding! I’ll be in touch because I may need some help staying on my Ps and Qs as things get busier!

      • Being nervous is a natural feeling, but you’ll be fine. Yes, visualize what you want and it will become your reality. Keep me posted and let me know if you need help.

  • Sharon Samples

    Cool. We often stumble into finding the things about which we’re really passionate. I’ve been doing photography for years, but last year I decided to seriously try to make a real business out of it.

  • This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished pieces… and I’m totally there with you, trying to develop a business is SO hard. I’m in exactly the same spot with my blog/knit business too. Virtual drinks sometime to brainstorm? 😉 We can each skype from a bar, or a kitchen! Haha.

  • Todra Payne

    That’s so awesome! I’m excited for you. Two years ago, I switched it up by moving from the east coast to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of acting. I sold my successful beauty blog, stopped doing makeup and threw myself full force into the entertainment world. It’s been a challenge on all fronts (as any exciting new venture will be), but I love every moment of it. I’m excited to see where you take your bedding business. Keep us posted.

    • Thank you, and CONGRATS! What a huge change! I hope this decision ends up giving you the career you’ve always dreamed of =)

  • Hey girl heyyyy! This is awesome! I’m proud of you! I’ve actually had this conundrum recently so lmk when this bedding comes to fruition, I know that you’ll provide something new and vibrant to the bed decor arena 🙂 As far as switching it up in my life goes, I’m moving to the city in a week (pray for me!) and perusing a business venture of my own in the coming months. All this beautiful progress amongst us queens – I love!

    • Sheriden, THANK YOU, as always. And of course I’ll be praying! I hope everything goes well with the move, and I want to hear about this business venture!!!

  • Thank you, Adia! By the way, I know TWO women who have left law to pursue their passions: one to become a social media expert (like, working for Essence Magazine kind of expert…) and one who’s about to open her own beauty boutique! It’s definitely do-able, and I hope you make the decision that’s best for you =)

    • Oh, awesome. I love hearing about stories like that 🙂

  • Crystal Gueye

    Krystal, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts and it was such a pleasure to meet you at your first “dream Job” event, thanks for always inspiring me!
    – Crystal Gueye

  • Thanks so much, Fola. And same to you!!! Please send a link to your business.

  • Chavanna Chanel

    Just subscribed to your blog and I’m loving it. Last year I graduated with my MBA and have a corporate job, so I’m switching up and became a blogger this year by launching my website and branding. Your blog inspires me. Good Luck to you on your new business venture. I can’t wait until the day I can work for myself full time. Wish me luck : )

    • Welcome, Chavanna!!! Thanks so much for reading The Feisty House! I’m so pleased that you’re inspired by the blog so far, and I hope that continues =) Let me know if I can help with your new blog!