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June 26, 2015

3 Tips for Getting Better Sleep | The Feisty HouseI was inspired by the good folks at Casper (a new sleep company based in New York City that makes outrageously comfortable mattresses that contour to your body and keep you cool while you’re sleeping!) to share my tips for a good night’s sleep. This post is timely for two reasons: (1) I just made a huge decision to become a part-time entrepreneur designing bedsheets, and getting to work on this sleep-related post was my confirmation that I was heading in the right direction; and (2) I was going to get the opportunity to talk about something that we busy women so often neglect, yet so desperately need–sleep!

3 Tips for Getting Better Sleep | The Feisty House

I’m going to start this post with one caveat: my tips for falling asleep and getting better sleep will mean nothing if you aren’t getting the hours of sleep you need. As women, we have so much going on in our lives all the time, and in order to fit it all in, we give up our precious sleep. We’ve all done it (I’m guilty of this too!)

3 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Spend time “getting ready” for bed //

Remember when you were young and your mom told you it was time for get ready for bed? You spent the next hour taking your bath, brushing your teeth, changing into your nighttime clothes, putting your hair away, and then you snuggled in for the night with a bedtime story (my dad usually made these up, which was pretty amazing) and your prayers.

I’ve found that I fall asleep more quickly (and sleep more soundly) if I actually take the time to get ready for bed: take a nice shower, brush my teeth, perform my nighttime skincare routine, put on something nice to sleep in, and curl up in bed with my prayer journal. All of that helps me to feel like going to bed is something to look forward to, which makes it so much easier to fall asleep (and stay asleep).

Shut. It. Down. //

If I crawl into bed right after blogging at the computer, it takes me forever to fall asleep. But if I stay away from my laptop, phone, tablet and the television 30 minutes before bed, I feel like it’s easier for me to turn off my mind. Shutting down the noise from social media and giving your mind time to wind down is really helpful if you can manage it.

Count Your Blessings //

If you tend to worry or get anxious like I do, sometimes laying in bed trying to fall asleep is an exercise in futility. You’re worried about tomorrow, you’re replaying that one mistake from earlier over and over again in your mind, you’re thinking about your to-do list. When I need to turn off my mind and stop obsessing over my anxieties, I count my blessings. It focuses my mind on positive things and reminds me of everything I have to live for. Counting my blessings makes me feel good about waking up the next morning instead of feeling anxious, and that’s much more effective than counting sheep!


I hope these are some helpful tips. What are some of your tips for getting better sleep? Share them with this in the comments!

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