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May 6, 2015

How to Create a Morning Routine and Have a More Productive Day pt.2 | The Feisty House

Oh boy.

I’ve been trying to nail down a consistent morning routine since early this year, after coming to the realization that I need to change the way I start my day. I developed my first morning routine back in January; things were good for a little bit, but for some reason I could not commit to waking up early in the morning or exercising. I also felt like I wasn’t getting everything done.

Since then, I’ve been keeping track of how I spend my time. I started keeping a daily to-do list outside of work and I also read the most amazing book, The Miracle Morning, thanks to a recommendation from Siobhan Sudberry of BeFree Project. When I interviewed Siobhan, she told me how much she’d benefited from waking up early and starting her day with a “miracle morning” that consisted of the SAVERS: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (or journaling). Once I read the book, I knew I had to try a “miracle morning” of my own. I got up at 5:00 AM (girl, yes…5:00 AM) and spent some time meditating and in prayer, wrote out some affirmations and said them aloud to myself, visualized my perfect day, read the Bible, wrote in my prayer journal and then did a 30 minute workout.

I had an amazing day. My mind was so clear and focused! I was in the office early and got a ton of work done. And I wasn’t stressed because I had taken so much time for myself in the morning–I didn’t wake up and immediately rush to get ready for work. I tried my “miracle morning” a few more times and made some adjustments. So now I have an updated daily routine that starts with my own version of my “miracle morning” and gives me a lot more time during the day to get things done:

How to Create a Morning Routine and
have a More Productive Day (pt. 2)


My Morning Routine

5:30 AM // Wake up, workout (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) and eat a small breakfast

6:00 AM // Pray and meditate, repeat affirmations, perform visualizations, write in journal

6:30 AM // Get ready for work

7:30 AM // Leave for work, listen to Daily Audio Bible on my commute

8:00 AM // Arrive at the office


My Evening Routine

5:00 PM // Leave the office

5:30 PM // Arrive home and take 30 minutes to unwind alone

6:00 PM // Start dinner, do some chores, start blogging

7:30 PM // Call friends/family

8:00 PM // Finish blog posts, check email, schedule social media

10:00 PM // Shut down the computer and get ready for bed

11:00 PM // Time for bed



A few things have changed from the daily routine I created in January. I wake up earlier, which means I get to work earlier and leave at a decent time. I get a lot more done at work now because I’ve finished one or two tasks before anyone gets into the office. Waking up earlier and spending more time getting ready for the day has made such a difference in how I feel as the day goes on: I’m less stressed and less anxious. I feel more alert and a lot more in control of my day, probably because I’ve spent time affirming my belief in my abilities and visualizing my day going well. Spending time in quiet prayer at home vs. while I’m standing on the train platform has also made a huge difference in setting the tone for the rest of my day.

Exercise is still a challenge for me. I feel great when I exercise, and I love the idea of being fit and strong, but I just can’t stay consistent! The number one reason why I haven’t consistently stuck to my morning routine is because it involves exercise. Unfortunately, that’s the only time I can get it done; when I workout at night, I get really tired and don’t want to do anything else, so I need really work on finding joy in working out. My goal is to stick to my routine for the rest of the month. I’ve found that preparing for the day from the night before helps a lot. Then I fall asleep reminding myself why I’m getting up early, and it’s much easier for me to wake up the next morning.

Have you been keeping a daily routine? How is that going? Do you have your own version of a “miracle morning”? And if you exercise on a regular basis, how do you remain consistent? Let us know in the comments!


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  • This is right on time. I’ve been sticking to a consistent routine for the past 3 days lol. But it has made a world of difference. Just like you said I get in the office and I feel calm and ready to start the day. I’m actually planning to make a video about this really soon. it’s changed my entire perspective honestly.

  • I literally JUST had this conversation with someone this morning! I’ve been wanting to have a “morning routine” since hearing about how successful people start their day at 6A. But, I am just not a morning person. I think I may give your schedule a try though – it seems feasible. Regarding evening workouts, I joined classpass. Having it be a social thing with friends helps me out and gives me some accountability.

  • Lauren M Brooks

    Great Post!
    I just ordered the book. Even though I am NOT a morning person, I will give it a try.

  • These are great tips. I sorta kind of a morning person but I could sure use a better routine then what I have.

  • Your morning routine is really inspirational. It’s so funny how life works, just yesterday i was realizing that I feel so much better when I’m prepared and organized for work, meaning planning ahead and waking up earlier to get into work a bit earlier and then I stumbled across this today! I’m definitely taking it as a sign that I need to start implementing my own ‘morning miracle’ ritual!

    — Mel //

  • JenniD

    Great post! I always feel so much more pulled together when I get up at 5:30 and take my time to get ready,eat a light breakfast and sip on my coffee at a leisurely pace before heading to work. I like to workout in the morning but I do more pilates/ stretching/ yoga type stuff in the morning instead of cardio or strength. Its just too dang on early to be doing all that bouncing around lol. But a nice stretch sequence that combines some gentle/ calm elements of cardio and strength works so much better. Checkout jessicasmithtv on youtube she has some great ones. I do about 30 min of that in the a.m and do 30 min of something with higher intensity after work for another 30 min. So its and hour in total but just not all at once.

  • I’m so glad that you read the book and started a daily routine. Like you, it’s been hard for me to incorporate exercising early in the morning. When I started the routine I would do light stretching as part of my routine, but that got old real quick, because I didn’t “fee” like doing it at 5am. So now I do all of the steps and save my exercise for later. What I love about the miracle morning is that you can customize it to make it your own.

  • Yoldine Meris

    I want to implement a morning routine like this during the summer! It sounds like such a refreshing a clear-focused way to start the day. I just finished my last day of Uni today (for this semester not forever) and I’m just so ready to turn my mornings and sleep schedule around. I’ve been getting up at 4:30 – 5:00 every morning because I have a two hour commute. It never felt like having a super early head start on my day though. Thank you for sharing this! I hope to use it as a framework for creating my own morning routine this summer 🙂

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