BEAUTY | 3 Benefits of Cutting My Natural Hair

May 4, 2015

3 Benefits of Cutting Natural Hair | The Feisty HouseFor most of 2014, I had a pretty terrible relationship with my hair. I wasn’t retaining length and my hair just didn’t seem healthy. But all that changed when I finally decided to cut most of my hair off back in March. Not only has my haircut boosted my self-confidence (I’ve wanted short hair for years, but always too afraid to go through with a cut), but it’s drastically improved the health of my hair too!


3 Benefits of Cutting Natural Hair | The Feisty House

3 Benefits of Cutting My Natural Hair

No More Damage //

I dyed my hair in XX and then again in XX for my wedding. I also straightened my hair quite a bit towards the end of last year and ended up with some pieces that just never reverted to curly. One of the benefits of cutting my hair was that I got rid of all that color and heat damage. My natural kinks are more uniform now; I don’t have random straight pieces throughout my hair. And because my hair isn’t damaged, it responds a lot better to products.

No More Tangles //

I had some serious issues with split and and tangled ends before I cut my hair. My hair looked and felt like a bird’s nest! The split ends would get all stuck together and leave me with a huge tangled mess a few days after washing. Detangling my hair was so difficult before I cut it. My hair would break even when I used my fingers to detangle, which was really frustrating and gave me a lot of stress. Now that I’ve cut my hair, I have absolutely NO split ends. My hair is so easy to detangle, and I don’t suffer from breakage. For me, this has been the single most important benefit of cutting my hair. My hair behaves so much better than it used to; I actually enjoy washing and styling my hair again!

No More Dryness //

My hair just could not hang on to moisture before I cut it. It just felt like whatever I was using was sitting on top of my hair instead of penetrating my strands. So I started using the Cherry Lola Treatment every few weeks and wearing my hair in twists in an effort to keep moisture in my hair. My hair felt much better, but it didn’t feel moisturized without the Cherry Lola Treatment or without using a ton of product. Now that I’ve cut my hair (and started to co-wash between shampoos), my hair is absorbing (and retaining) moisture. Moisture was escaping through my damaged hair shafts and split ends, so now that the damage and splits are gone, my hair has been soaking up moisture like nobody’s business. My hair is softer and shinier as a result, and it doesn’t get frizzy in high-humidity weather (a tell-tale sign of dry hair).


If your hair is dry and difficult-to-detangle, or if it’s been damaged by heat styling or dyeing, I recommend that you get a good trim. And don’t be surprised if you still experience these issues after trimming your hair. You probably just haven’t cut enough off! Yes, a cut will set you back a bit if you have specific growth and length retention goals, but trust me, it’s worth it to have healthy, manageable hair.


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  • I definitely want to get some sort of cut, I just haven’t been able to fit an undetermined amount of time at the salon into my schedule. I love your cut!

  • Appointment set. Two weeks til mine!

  • Created Well

    Yes! I cut my hair back in march and I can say I’ve had that same results. I love it short(I did a tapered cut). I’d say it’s more versatile because it takes less time to do various styles since you have less hair to work with. Plus, I was ready for a change. I’ve been growing my hair out for about 7 years. Nice pointers!

  • Tarah-Lynn

    I must tell my sissy she must trim her hair (at least)! Her hair is super long but she doesn’t want to let go of any length lol. Your hair looks beautiful, love!

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