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April 10, 2015

What's Your Mantra? | via The Feisty House Do you ever find yourself feeling out of control or overwhelmed? Maybe under a bit of pressure at work? Or adjusting to a new relationship (or getting out of an old one?) Or maybe you’ve found yourself standing on the subway platform feeling anxious, but you’re not sure why? These things happen to ALL of us, but you don’t have to wait those feelings out. You can clear your mind by repeating a mantra.

A mantra is a statement repeated to aid in meditation or concentration. It’s a phrase that brings you back to your center when suddenly everything feels out of place. Your mantra could be a Bible verse, or a poem, or lyrics from a favorite song. It’s anything that once you fix your mind on it, brings you peace and clarity of mind.

This year I’ve relied on two mantras to get through tough and confusing times. I repeat these mantras to myself when I’m feeling afraid, or when I’m not sure what to do next, or when I’m in a generally uncomfortable situation (usually at work). They help to see past how I’m feeling and be more objective.

// Stay Humble. Stay Fearless.

I was either sleeping and dreaming, or about to fall asleep, when this phrase popped into my head sometime late last year. I’ve been repeating it to myself ever since. It’s a clever (well, I think so anyway…) play on Steve Jobs’ famous advice, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” I repeat this phrase when I’m working on projects or trying to sort out my ideas and I start getting overwhelmed. I just take a few deep breaths and repeat, “Stay Humble. Stay Fearless.”

In reminding myself to stay humble, I’m able to keep from getting too giddy when a project is going well, or a blog post is starting to come together. When I get giddy and excited, I lose focus. I start thinking about the end result, and I forget that I still haven’t finished the product yet!

I also repeat this mantra whenever I’m feeling the type of fear that would keep me from going out on a limb and doing something that could end up being amazing. Or that fear that creeps up when I’m about to read an email and what’s inside could be really good or really bad. I also recite this when I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to pursue my passions and work for myself full-time. Those are crippling fears that could derail my progress, so I tell remind myself to “stay fearless,” and eventually, the moment passes, and I’m no longer afraid.

// God Knows What He’s Doing.

I’ve found myself repeating this mantra more and more. When I can’t see how things are going to turn out, or I’m worried about my future, I remind myself that God knows what He’s doing, and it’s my job to just stay in His will. It’s my job to pray and go about my day and let Him lead. I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I don’t know the future, but God does. So when I’m disappointed that things didn’t go the way I planned, I remind myself that God knows what He’s doing, and that He always does things the way they should be done.


If you don’t already repeat a mantra, I can tell you that it’s a good thing to start doing. And you don’t have to repeat it out loud! You just go over your mantra in your mind a few times until whatever emotions you’re having start to subside. When you choose your mantra, pick one based on your specific needs. Do you struggle with fear? Or confusion? Do you have a tendency to get anxious or stressed out? Choose a phrase that will help you personally, and allow yourself to be at peace…

Do you have a mantra that you repeat? When do you repeat it?
Please share in the comments!

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  • Becca

    This post was everything! I usually tell myself and friends to ‘find your zen’ helps me get through whatever is stressing me out at the moment. And I’m really big on breathing exercises as well

    • Thanks Becca! I really want to start taking yoga so that I can do better with my breathing. I think it would help when I find myself feeling anxious out of nowhere!

  • Ohhh Love it! Thanks for sharing, Ashlee!

  • Yessss lol all the time…mine is usually. “what’s for you… is for you”! Great post:)

  • writelaughdream

    This is great and definitely something that I do! One of them is at times I can get insecure about certain things and so I just tell myself that ‘I am enough and I am beautiful.’ And I do also have to remind myself that “God’s plan is better.” That one puts everything in perspective when things aren’t going quite how I thought.

    • What a powerful mantra! I think we should all tell ourselves we are “enough” and “beautiful” every single day! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Created Well

    Yay! I love mantras. Mine is long, but it encompasses all the positive things. I write it on the inside of all my journals (I have writing journals and drawing journals). It’s taken from Psalms 139:14, Ephesians 2:10, and Romans 6:14. This version I’ve made it read as if it were written for me directly.

    And I praise You because of the wonderful way You created me. Everything You do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt. God, You planned for me to do good things and to live as You have always wanted me to live. That’s why You sent (Jesus) Christ to make me what I am. For sin shall not have dominion over me: I am not under the law, but under grace.

    There is so much packed into this but this is the truth I carry with me. It goes deep and challenges every fear and negative thought.

  • Lol snatch away!