BLOG HAPPY | How to Deal with Copycats in Blogging

March 31, 2015

BLOG HAPPY | How to Deal with Copycats in Blogging - The Feisty House

I have been writing this post for months. Frankly, this subject would make me so angry that I couldn’t start writing this post without becoming frustrated and then going on a rant. But that’s the beauty of prayer. I literally prayed about the best way to write this post, and I think I’ve finally found an appropriate tone. I hope you find it helpful!


How to Deal with Copycats in Blogging

When I first attempted to write this post, I was going to provide a list of strategies to use and action steps to take when you think someone has been copying you. And that’s because I was in my feelings at the time because I thought someone was copying me, and I wanted to give myself permission to feel some type of way.


The truth is, creativity operates in the zeitgeist. A collective consciousness. A cloud where all of our thoughts and ideas and desires are stored and accessed by other creatives. It’s part of the reason why every season you’ll find four of five designers showcasing the same trend on the runway. Creativity doesn’t happen in a bubble where you are the sole beneficiary, especially not in the modern world where social media and Pinterest and Bloglovin make it oh, so easy to be inspired (and influenced) by other bloggers.

I say that to say this: to an extent, we’re all “copying” each other. We’re all creative women, and if you’re reading my blog, I guarantee that you and I are inspired by similar things, and that may come out in our writing. It may come out in our blog design. Or it may come out in the things we choose to produce as creatives.

Yes, I’ve seen design elements on The Feisty House pop up on other blogs. And sure, certain blog topics I’ve started to cover are now being covered elsewhere. This was definitely frustrating for me. The frustration wasn’t always warranted–I mean, I’m not the first person to write a lifestyle blog–but there have been times I’ve visited a blogger’s site after a redesign and seen that things looked…familiar. As a result, I’ve rushed to get an idea or project out into the wold so that everyone would know it was mine “first,” and yes, I’ve done this even when said idea or project was nowhere near ready to go live (I do not recommend allowing that kind of thinking to drive the launch of a new project or idea).

What I had to learn about copying and blogging was (1) inspiration belongs to us all, and (2) what is for you is for you. This internet is an ENORMOUS place. There are more than enough readers and commenters, customers, sponsorships and collaboration opportunities out there for ALL of us. And if five other bloggers out there are talking about the same thing you’re talking about, they still can’t ever say it the way you can. They won’t ever be you. Blogging is a very personal medium, and even when we’re all talking about entrepreneurship, or giving tips about blogging or writing about natural hair…I know there’s no one out there who can sound like me. No one can do me better than I can.

This is how to deal with copycats in blogging: remain authentic. Continue to blog in your unique voice. No one can copy your passion. Keep writing from your passion place and you won’t even notice the copycats anymore. Stay true to your own uniqueness. And lastly, continue to share inspiration. Don’t hoard all your good ideas and your amazing creativity because you’re afraid they’re going to be copied. After all, that’s what blogging is all about: inspiring others to makes their own lives more beautiful. Some of the people you inspire may try to echo your voice and your aesthetic until they’re confident enough with sharing their own unique perspectives, and that’s okay. Start seeing your ability to inspire others in this way as a blessing!


If you just started blogging, continue to be inspired by your favorite bloggers, and learn from them, but don’t for one minute think that trying to write in someone else’s voice is going to get you the “successful blog” you want. Successful blogs with committed and engaged readers, blogs that enjoy true community, are built around the uniqueness and authenticity of the person writing the blog. Yep, you! So even though you’re a newbie, continue to develop your unique voice and find your angle. That’s what’s going to make your blog bloom and grow!


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  • Milan Staples

    Great message! I couldn’t agree more. Nobody can do you better than you and what’s for you, is for YOU!

  • dfinneyphoto

    wonderful wonderful post krystal. thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Sondra Shearrill

    Great topic, thanks!

  • This is an important post because it seems like all us bloggers go through this at some point where we feel like we are being copied or that we are stealing something when we are inspired by others. I appreciate the honesty in you message. Hopefully we all will become more comfortable in ourselves to make sure that authenticity rings in everything we do.

  • Great post & wonderful message! “No one can copy your passion” – great line! I’ve always had to remind myself that “no one can do you like you can” when your passion and inspiration come from who you are – well, that’s not even copyable (is that even a word? Lol)

  • writelaughdream

    I really like this post. I do feel like some design elements become a “trend” and it can honestly be a little hard to know who started it. So that’s always something that’s scary to me. I love seeing new elements that sometimes I may alter and make more of my own. And I’ve also been on the other side where I felt like someone was being heavily influenced by some of my ideas as well. So I just agree that, we have to learn to share in inspiration but also be respectful of one another’s intellectual property.

  • Mark Twain said it best…
    “There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages.”

  • Wow! This post is EVERYTHING! I agree with you 100% and there’s really nothing else for me to add. Thank you for writing this post and I love your blog.

  • I laughed when you said “don’t hoard all of your good ideas and that is what blogging is about” because this is so true and how ridiculous I was for thinking somehow, I could prevent someone from copying me. I get inspired from others all the time but the problem I have is lack of creativity that goes along with copycats. At least put your own spin on it.

  • April J

    Totally agree! Although it really does suck when you feel like someone is being sneaky and taking one of your ideas, but you don’t have proof and can’t say anything…. *deep sigh* oh well. Best to keep your chin up and keep on keeping on, I guess!

    • Most definitely. It’s not easy, but no one can copy your uniqueness!

      When you do have proof though…you definitely should say something! Lol.