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March 10, 2015

FEISTY FINDS // A Roundup of the most Addictive and Inspiring Instagram Accounts by Creatives | The Feisty House Instagram has to be my favorite social media platform right now. Hands down. I am constantly and consistently being inspired by all the wonderful, creative people who use the platform to share their work, their vision, and bits of their daily lives. Instagram has been a great way for me to keep up with people who read The Feisty House and learn more about them as I share more about myself (the stuff that I can’t always package for sharing here on the blog).

For this month’s Feisty Finds roundup, I’m sharing my favorite Instagram accounts and the reasons why you should follow these stylish, creative, inspirational people, too! From photographers to creatives to artists and everyone in between, these accounts are bound to make you see everyday life in a whole new way.


My Favorite Instagram Accounts by Creatives

Black Girl Magic // I’m always inspired by photos of lovely Black women. I mean, who isn’t?! Black women are beautiful, and I always feel so proud to be one myself whenever I’m scrolling through the accounts of @hannahfaith__ or @byafrique_. This art director and photographer make an amazing team, and they use their creative talents to showcase Black women in our very best light.

Amazing Photography // I’m 110% sure that all of you are already following @streetetiquette, but in the event I’m wrong, go follow those guys right now. Their photography is honest and unique (and SO GOOD), and I’ve been following their career for years. My other favorites would have to be husband-and-wife-duo @beewalker_ and #rogwalker. Looking for relationship goals? You’ll be overwhelmed by how cute and talented these two are.

People and Experiences // Instagram is an opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and there’s no account that does it better than @humansofny. I started following them when I moved here, and I’ve both laughed and cried after reading the stories of regular people like me who are trying to make it work in this city. Through Instagram, I’ve also been able to follow and support @_mycc, an account that showcases Black creatives and all that they’re doing. I’ve learned so much about this “movement” because of this account and its focus on giving Black creatives a platform for sharing their inspirations and their work.

Unique Personal Style // When I want to know what to wear this weekend, I visit these three accounts: @igobyfrankie, @simplycyn, and @shirleybeniang. Once you check their Instagram feeds, you’ll know why. I love all these ladies for different reasons: @igobyfrankie for her always interesting and quirky pairings (oh, and that big, happy hair!), @simplycyn for her bold, happy outfits (always lots of color!) and @shirleybeniang for her minimalist take on style (it’s amazing what she can do with black, white, camel and a pop of red!)

Pretty Things // It takes a special “eye” to see everyday things and turn them into amazing photos on Instagram, but @las_estrellas, @rosalovesdc and @aminuteawayfromsnowing know how to do this well. These ladies are so talented in the way they capture flowers and fruit, walks in their neighborhood, even the DC metro (@rosalovesdc literally makes those metro stations look like works of art).

Behind the Scenes // Even better than looking at pretty things is watching how they are made. I love that when I’m scrolling through the @a.a.k.s account, I’m getting the inside scoop on Afriye’s process for sourcing materials for her beautiful, luxury handbag line. And @asiyami_gold always shares previews of her AAU collaborations (the imagery is always so beautiful) as well as bits and pieces of a day in her life, which are always fun and full of such interesting and creative people. And my most recent place to go for behind-the-scenes inspiration is @thewraplife. They share wrap tutorials, their upcoming designs and more. The account feels a lot more like a community than the social media account of a business.

Words to Live By // We all need a little pick-me-up once in a while. I love @shereadstruth for Bible verses and @thenectarcollective for inspirational quotes (in gorgeous hand-lettering!) One of my favorite bloggers, @designlovefest, also shares inspirational quotes on her Instagram that have been designed by creative women from all over the place. And my friend Tania just launched a really great Instagram community at @ink.fully that provides a space where women can inspire each other and build each other up by sharing and embracing the things in their lives that are less than perfect. You can’t stay in a bad mood once you roll through these ladies’ Instagram accounts!


What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts by creatives? Are any of the ones I shared your faves? Do you have some to suggest? I love connecting with other creatives, so please share with me if you have others you like!



Photo Sources: @byafrique_ // @hannahfaith__ // @asiyami_gold // @igobyfrankie

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