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February 2, 2015

MIND + BODY | Working it Out with UP24 by JawboneMIND + BODY | Working it Out with UP24 by Jawbone

About a year ago, I started working out in earnest because I was getting ready for my wedding. I was going to the gym a few times a week, and I hired a personal trainer. It was the most active I’d been in a really long time. But as I got closer to the wedding, working out became less of a priority. In August and September of 2014, things got really stressful. We were still figuring out how to pay for last-minute wedding expenses. My workload at my day job was overwhelming. And we were trying to find (and quickly move into) our first apartment. But while Quentin found relief in going to the gym working out, trying to find the time for the gym when I had so much to do made me even more stressed out, so I stopped going.

Fast forward to 2015, I am feeling much more in control of my life and my time. I’ve instituted a new morning routine so that I can sleep better, and I’m trying to exercise more regularly. So I’ve teamed up with UP24 by Jawbone to put my new routine to the test and track my progress!

MIND + BODY | Working it Out with UP24 by Jawbone

Getting set up was pretty easy. I downloaded the UP App on my iPhone and synced it to my UP24 wristband (choose the band that’s best for you by clicking the link). Then I calibrated the band to my my normal walking pace, and it was pretty much ready to go. See, the UP24 tracks your steps, so you know whether you’ve reached your activity goal for the day. But it also tracks your other fitness activities and includes this as part of your total picture of fitness for the day. The UP24 also tracks sleep! It tracks how long you’ve slept, how much deep sleep you got, and how many times you woke up during the night. The app gives you a report when you wake up, and it also gives you tips on how to sleep better.

My goals for using the UP24 and UP App are to (1) stay committed to being active every single day, and (2) get much better sleep. I’ve noticed that my waking up earlier has made me feel more refreshed, but I want to be sure I keep getting sound sleep as well.

MIND + BODY | Working it Out with UP24 by Jawbone

Along with using the UP24 System, I’ve signed up for Daily Burn, an at-home fitness program that feels like working out in the gym with a trainer. It’s pretty amazing, especially on those mornings when it’s cold outside (like, every morning this year). The only problem is that I haven’t been very consistent in using it, so I hope that incorporating UP into my fitness routine helps me be more accountable to myself!

I’ll be tracking my health and fitness with the UP App for the month of February, and then I’ll be back with another post on my progress and a review of the UP24 System. In the meantime, follow The Feisty House on Instagram to see how I’m doing! And click the link if you want more information on UP24. Let me know in the comments if you have any fitness goals for 2015. I’d love to hear about them!



This post was made possible by a great partnership with Jawbone. I’ve been compensated for my participation, which is pretty awesome, but all opinions stated above are 100% mine. Thanks for supporting the brands that work with blogs like The Feisty House!



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  • Crysyal

    I really like the band. I purchased one in Jan off of groupon and am participating in a Biggest Loser challenge at work. Being able to quantitativelt track my activies and sleep and nutritiom info (synced from MyFitnessPal) really helps do the math that adds up to reaching goals.