BEAUTY | Valentine’s Day Updo for Natural Hair

February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Updo for Natural Hair | The Feisty House Valentine's Day Updo for Natural Hair | The Feisty House

I spied this beautiful updo for natural hair on Once Wed, and I just had to share. Valentine’s Day is next weekend, and this style is so romantic and lovely, and it’s perfect whether you’re going on a date or having a fun girls’ night.

This style would probably look great on any hair type, but it look especially good on highly-textured hair. All the curls and kinks and waves keep the style elegant without looking too perfect.

If you’re interested in trying the style yourself, peep the tutorial below. And no worries if you don’t get it right the first time you try. You have over a week to figure out exactly how to do it, or pick something else!

Valentine's Day Updo for Natural Hair | The Feisty House

If I was going out for Valentine’s Day this year, I would definitely attempt this updo, but Quentin and I are going to spend Valentine’s Day together at home. It’s our first Valentine’s as a married couple, but we’re okay with keeping it low-key. After all, we did just celebrate our honeymoon! Our first Valentine’s Day was so awkward, it was comical. We had a good time, but when I look back on that day and the rest of our journey…it’s amazing how far we’ve come. We’ve grown as people, we’ve experienced a lot as a couple, we’ve endured long-distance and some uncertainty, but we’re here! And I’m happy we’re able to sit at home on Valentine’s Day, in the comfort of our first apartment, and eat pizza with wine.



 Photo Source // Joey Kennedy via Once Wed

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