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January 23, 2015

Natural Hair Goals for 2015 | The Feisty HouseMy hair hasn’t been a priority for quite some time. And that’s because no matter what I seem to do, my hair still breaks and still doesn’t retain any noticeable length. I set some natural hair goals in 2014. The best things that came out of that were (1) incorporating the Cherry Lola treatment into my routine, and (2) wearing protective styles. Cherry Lola made my hair retain a lot more moisture and protective styling definitely helped with length retention. But by the end of 2014, I couldn’t wear another two-strand-twist updo, so I straightened for my wedding and pretty much wore straight hair until New Year’s.

Taking care of my hair is now the most frustrating part of my beauty routine. I don’t enjoy washing it, I don’t enjoy styling it…I do that all out of necessity. My hair is the last thing I do in the mornings before I leave the house. It’s pretty much become an afterthought. It wasn’t always this way, though. The Feisty House was actually a natural hair blog years ago (can you believe it?) and I did a lot with my hair. I enjoyed getting to know my kinks and I enjoyed styling my hair. Now I can’t really be bothered. My hair never turns out the way I want, and every time I style my hair, I’m faced with breakage, so I just pin it up and focus on other parts of my life.

In 2014 I cut my hair in layers (and cut bangs), colored my hair (twice), wore it straight (for weeks at a time) and installed Marley twists. I spent a lot of money on expensive hair products (I bought the entire Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force line and I bought Wen…both have been lying in my bathroom drawer). I was just so bored and desperately looking for something to “work,” and now I really want to go back to basics. I was forced to do this in Thailand: I had no fancy products, just a bottle of Oyin Greg Juice and a small tube of SheaMoisture Curl Conditioning Smoothie, but I actually liked how my hair turned out! It was loose and carefree and I felt more comfortable with it then than I have in months.

This year, my goal is to find joy in my hair again. To pay attention to it and give it room to grow (literally). To prioritize it and not treat it as an afterthought.

Natural Hair Goals for 2015

Accept My Kinks // My natural hair will never curl (that wash-and-go life is not for me), my texture isn’t silky, and it doesn’t look that great with a curly bang (I’m just realizing this now). I think part of my frustration with my hair is that I want it to be something it isn’t. So the first thing I need to do is accept my hair as it is, “flaws” and all.

Start Styling it Again // It’s been a while since I’ve intentionally styled my hair. My hair just hasn’t been a priority for me. But I have tons of rollers and Curlformers and this flexirod and that flexirod…there’s no excuse for throwing my hair into bun right before I leave the house. I want to pay more attention to my hair and spend more time on making it look great.

Go Back to Basics // I know that less is more when it comes to caring for my natural hair. I know I need to finger detangle my hair before I get into the shower. I know that my hair responds when I co-wash twice a week, deep condition with heat weekly, use the Cherry Lola Treatment every two weeks and snip off split ends once a month. I know that I need to moisturize my hair daily and sleep on a satin pillowcase. And I know that carefully sealing my ends with shea butter helps keep them moisturized and less likely to split (and then break!) I know all of this, but I haven’t been doing it, so one of my major natural hair goals this year is to just do what I know I’m supposed to be doing!

Focus on My Scalp // I can’t tell you the last time I really thought about my scalp. But without a healthy scalp, you can’t really get healthy hair. I’ve already started massaging my scalp every other day with a mixture of cayenne pepper and extra virgin coconut oil. My hair also responded a lot better when I used to shampoo my scalp on a regular basis, so I’ll be doing that as well.

Do Regular Length Checks // I understand that length checks cause anxiety for some people, but I need them in order to pay attention to my hair. I’m goal-oriented, but if I’m unable to see any progress, I won’t be diligent about accomplishing these goals. I’m going to start doing monthly length checks and I’m hoping to see half an inch of length retention each month.


So what if I go through this year and nothing changes? Well, I already gave Quentin the heads-up that if I can’t get my hair in shape this year, I’m going to cut most of it off in 2016 and just start over. That’s literally how frustrated I am. So we’ll see…if all else fails, I’ll have a cute curly fro this time next year.

Do you have any goals for your natural hair this year?

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  • Frustrated 4C

    Girl you hit the head on the mark. I know we have to appreciate our textures but I can’t help but to come to the conclusion that 4c hair just takes a lot more work and time that I don’t have! I like to focus on other things in life, other than my hair! The more I obsess about my hair the more stressed I get. I have been growing my hair for two years and I am at the point where I want to either cut if all off again or loc my hair, but right now I just can’t be bothered!

    • I know a lot of 4c ladies feel the same way. It can be very frustrating! After two years, I’m sure you’ve watched all the YouTube videos for 4c hair, so I would just say to do what makes you happy with your hair. I completely feel you–it’s so important to be able to spend your time on other things!

  • Ha! That’s funny, this was my post for today too! But I love some of the goals you’ve included here, especially the acceptance part. I think accepting our hair for what it is saves A LOT of frustration, which is maybe what I need to do more. After I’ve given it some TLC of course lol. I think that you’d look super cute with a curly fro btw 🙂

    • Girl, even in the last few days since writing the post and becoming more accepting of my hair, I’ve been feeling better about it. It’s amazing!

      I have to go read your post now!

  • JenniD

    Even though I feel the exact opposite now I can feel the frustration in this post. I’ve been there. I got over my frustration by resolving to have a signature hair style. It gets tiring trying to reinvent the wheel style wise every wash day. That’s the thing that was frustrating for me. Feeling bad because I didn’t try new styles all the time like I see other naturals do. That alone can lead to breakage! I had to be honest with myself and realize I simply want hair that looks good and is easy to care for. This past October I cut my hair into a very stylish top heavy tapered cut and I couldn’t be happier. It has great flexibility if I want to be fancy with roller sets and such but it is a work horse hair style for day to day living. My hair goals for 2015 is simply to keep up with good hair care practices and continuing refining my signature do. At 30 years old I don’t want to have a new hair style all the time. I’ll save those for true special occassions. For day to day, week to week I’m okay with my hair looking the same.As long as it looks classy and fits my life style I’m good. I love my kinks and naps. I don’t want them to become a source of frustration for me.

  • Cynthia

    i want to cut mine too and start all over again….aaarghh, sometimes it’s just so frustrating.

    • Well, let me first say that I think your hair is GORGEOUS, lol. But I totally feel you. I snipped off an inch yesterday when I washed it, and I’m thinking of walking into Devachan and just getting them to shape it.

  • Jodi-Kay Edwards

    Gah don’t cut your hair off! It’s gorgeous. I get frustrated with mine sometimes as well. I haven’t hit a year in my natural hair journey quiet yet but the thought of putting a weave back in or using a wig just seems so simple. However I don’t miss the itchy-ness. I think just finding what works for you and sticking to that proves beneficial after a while. I now stick to 2-3 brands that I know works for my natural locks and as for length, that’s the most frustrating part I have gotten my hair trimmed twice since I started and my ends have been holding up! But I find that keeping the ends just as moisturized as the scalp and doing the inversion method monthly has helped me to see a significant difference in length. 🙂