November 7, 2014

For the past few years, as soon as it starts getting cold, I buy sweaters out of necessity, and as soon as it starts warming up again, I find some way to get rid of them. Until this year, I’ve never really liked the sweaters I’ve bought. That’s beacuse, I’ve purchased them strictly to fill a void, and not really for style. My process for buying sweaters used to be, “Oh, this seems warm. Winter is coming, and I need something warm.” That’s pretty much it. I didn’t pay much attention to fit or quality.

I’m not doing that this year. I’ve learned to buy high quality items that look really good and fit me really well. And that includes sweaters. I came across new denim label AYR in a magazine recently, and though they were being featured for their jeans (which look amazing, by the way), I’ve fallen in love with their sweaters, cut in feminine silhouettes that wear like basics. That means versatility! These are sweaters that can be worn with everything you own.

AYR-The-Illusion-Sweater-in-Almond-via-The-Feisty-House AYR-The-French-Girl-Sweater-in-Heather-Merlot AYR-The-Tokyo-Sweater-in-Black AYR-The-Fox-Sweater-in-White-and-Black AYR-The-Tokyo-Sweater-in-White AYR-The-Slouchy-Sweater-in-Geranium AYR-The-Fox-Sweater-in-Red-and-Black AYR-The-Classic-Sweater-in-Melon

GET THE LOOK | The Illusion, $150 // The French Girl, $125 // The Tokyo, $225 // The Slouchy, $225 // The Fox, $195 // The Classic, $95 (on sale) //

I’m really into the aesthetic of this brand. The product shots are so well done! Super modern + minimalist. And I love the cuts of all of all these AYR sweaters. Nothing about them is frumpy or bulky. It’s quite a feat to create a sleek, streamlined and sexy sweater that still looks comfy and wearable. I expected AYR sweaters to cost a lot more (like more in the $400-range) after visiting the website, which is really beautifully designed. Considering how easy it would be to wear these sweaters over and over and over again, and how well-made and fitted everything seems to be, I think the prices are pretty reasonable.

My only con (aesthetically) is that the website is lacking a bit of diversity, model-wise. But I did spy one curly girl on there. And The Always Top she’s wearing is cute too, good for layering under a blazer, or one of your new AYR sweaters, perhaps?


So, what’s the verdict? Would you consider shopping at AYR? I’m definitely interested in trying a sweater. And don’t forget to check out AYR denim too! They have 17 different washes and 5 different fits to choose from. And all their denim is made by hand in Los Angeles! This could turn out to be a pretty cool brand…


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