November 4, 2014

Fall Obsessions // Dark Manicures, Straight Bobs and Shearling

Rather than focus on how cold it’s getting, I’ve been obsessing over the good part about changing seasons: changing style. I love using a new season as an opportunity to give myself a whole new look. Like switching from my summer pastel nails to deeper, darker blues (like this pretty one called ‘Midnight in Paris’ by Marc Jacobs) and black (like the Chanel Le Vernis nail color on my beauty “must have” list.

To be honest, I’m always obsessed with leopard print, and I’m always obsessed with shoes (who isn’t). After coming to the sad realization that I don’t own the perfect leopard print heels, I finally picked up a pair, and I can guarantee they’re going to be my Fall staple. They go with everything, including shearling bags (in black and brown) and this Zara shearling coat.

And clearly I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with straight hair this past month (as you all can tell). Sure, I’ve been enjoying my new Fall look, but I want to do something…more. I didn’t get to do ombre for my wedding, but I’m determined to get it done for my 30th birthday next March. In the meantime, i’m thinking about getting a haircut (*gasp* I know). I am loving wavy, shoulder-length bobs these days. They’re just so chic and sophisticated, no? I mean, I feel like I’m trying to retain length for no reason. Just to see how long my hair can get. But having semi-longish hair just for the sake of it is SO BORING. A new haircut would be so much fun!

Okay, I’m off to go do my nails. Anybody want to guess the color?



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