October 22, 2014

Wedding Instagrams via The FEisty House

Well, we did it!

Q and I tied the knot on October 11th in a really amazing, pleasant, perfect ceremony. Everything went so much better than we anticipated. I still find myself feeling so unworthy of the beauty of that day! We had PERFECT weather, we were surrounded by so many loving family members and friends, we had TWO wedding cakes, and my hair only frizzed a little bit (I had a bit of a “fro bang” by the time the ceremony was over).

There isn’t enough time to tell you about all the amazing miracles that God performed in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Things were really stressful, really difficult, and then BAM, worked out like MAGIC at the last minute. It got to the point where Q and I just stopped being stressed out. We knew that God was going to fix everything. On the day of my wedding, I was just so sure that God was in control. People kept commenting on how calm I was. The truth is, I’d seen God do so many impossible things that there was no need to start being stressed day-of. And I’m glad I wasn’t, because I was able to enjoy a really beautiful and special and memorable event.

As lovely as my wedding day was, I am so happy it’s over! Wedding planning is no joke, especially when you work 10-hour-days, and also freelance, and also write a blog (which is why I haven’t written a post in weeks)! On top of that, Q and I moved into our first place the weekend before the wedding (I would not recommend that to ANYONE), so things were just INSANE. September and October have been the most hectic months of my life, and I’m so glad that things are slowly returning to some normalcy (well, a “new” normal) and that I finally have the time to do the things I love again.

I can’t wait to share our actual wedding photos and video, but these are just a few iPhone snaps from friends that I posted on Instagram. You can find more from the wedding by searching the hashtag “QK14” on Instagram and Twitter. And thanks so much to all of you who have left awesome congratulatory comments. I’ve read them all, and I’m very grateful.


Mrs. Scott

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  • Congratulations Krystal! You both look amazing! I can’t believe you guys moved the weekend before the wedding. That is super intense.

  • Congrats Mrs Scott! These are some lovely wedding snaps here. Ya’ll look too dreamy

  • Beautiful!!! I already stalked the hashtag and everyone looked so happy!
    Glad you had so much love and magic surrounding you and Q 🙂

  • Congratulations Mrs. Scott! Heyyyyyy! Congrats to the hubby too because you both have definitely been blessed. The snippets I’ve seen are gorg, but I can’t wait to see the professional shots too! You have been SO busy! Moving in the weekend before the wedding?? I applaud you. Congrats on this new beginning and your new normal. Yes to true love and happiness <3

  • Jacob Barker

    Woooohooooo MRS. SCOTT!!! It was an awesome day, blessed to have been a part of it!

  • HarlemLoveBirds

    Congrats again! Happy for you guys =)

  • Congratulations! can´t wait to see the actual wedding pictures:)

  • TheRock14

    Congratulations!! I’ve been following your blog for years now. Love the yahdie love and the beautiful simple perfection emulating from the wedding pictures

  • Christina Clark

    Congratulations!!!! You picked the best weekend; I now feel like we are
    Kindred Spirits! LOL My grandparent’s anniversary was October 11th and
    my wedding anniversary is October 12th!!!!

  • Congratulations. Everything looks beautiful!

  • awww CONGRATS! Your dad looks so young {if that is him walking you down the aisle}. You’re gorgeous!

  • Beautiful! You look stunning. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations! You both look wonderful and so happy!

  • You were a stunning bride! Congrats