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September 15, 2014


MUSINGS // On Fashion Collabs and Altuzarra for TargetThe new Altazurra for Target collaboration dropped yesterday.

You’ll notice I never even mentioned it on the blog.

Sure, there was a time when I woke up early on Sunday morning and headed to to shop the latest designer collaboration. I’ve shopped quite a few of them, and I’ve shared my finds on the blog. I’ve been elated after discovering that what I want is still in stock and in “my size.” I’ve felt the thrill of “saving money” while purchasing designer brands in the same online shopping cart that also holds my deep conditioner and jumbo-sized cotton balls. And I’ve felt the disappointment when those “designer” items arrive at my home with arms that are too long, waists that are too wide, and materials that are too cheaply assembled for the purchase to even be considered worth it.

For me, the biggest issue with Target fashion collabs is the quality. Based on my experiences with other collaborations, the pieces look great online, and then when I see them as a collection in store, I’m often disappointed. I mean, I get it: this is Target, not Barneys. These aren’t investment pieces. But I’d much rather spend $150 on one item at J.Crew (that I will wear over and over again) versus a couple items from Altuzarra for Target that may or may not be wearable a year from now. I also have a consistent issue with sizing; most clothing from these collaborations is cut to fit as many people as possible, which makes sense considering there are almost two thousand Target stores in the US. After a few goes at some of the fashion collabs, I’ve decided that it doesn’t make sense to buy clothes that I’m going to end up returning anyway because they don’t fit, and spending money tailoring an item that won’t become an investment piece isn’t worth it to me either.

I got a great pair of shoes (the accessories always seem to the best value in these collabs) out of the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration (the best Target-high fashion pairing to date, IMO), and I wore my leopard-print skirt from the 3.1 Phillip Lim collaboration to death last winter. But when I thought about what I was actually getting for the money, it just didn’t seem worth it for me to even attempt to buy anything from Altazurra for Target.

Don’t get me wrong–I love what Target and H&M (and others) are doing when it comes to these fashion collabs. By bringing high fashion designers to mass retail markets, people are getting the opportunity to wear high-end designers without shelling out $1,195 for a new blouse. But for me, the pieces in the collabs don’t get close enough to the quality of the real thing. I mean, this isn’t charity work for the designers: these collaborations are clearly profitable, and getting their names out of the fashion set and into the minds of middle-income Americans (you, know those of us who typically spend a greater percentage of our incomes on clothing than those who can actually afford designer duds) is more than worth it. So considering that, I think the clothing should just be…better.

But what do I know…I haven’t even seen the collection up close and in person yet. Have you? What do you think about Altuzarra for Target? Have you bought anything?


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  • TheRock14

    I went to look at the collection and I was thoroughly underwhelmed. No accessories, poor quality fabric, the cut of the suits and items were off

  • Tonasha Johnson

    I kind of agree. The last few collabs have been rather “Meh”. I did like a few of the items in person from this collection, however. But it can definitely be like finding a needle in a haystack….

  • Gil Zetbase

    I love this fashion collaboration!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase


  • Carl Mape

    I thought the Altazurra collection was a total dud. 90% of it was still on the
    racks 2 weeks later. Women in California (and I’m sure MANY other states)
    don’t want to wear clothes with snakeskin patterns on them. The last 5
    designer collections at least at Target have been very weak. The sizes are always way too tight. I normally wear a 10, and often I don’t even fit in the 14 or
    16 if they offer a 16. I wish Target would bring back Isaac Mizrahi
    from 8-11 years ago.. He had some really nice clothes and shoes that were excellent
    quality that I still have. Target Australia just launched a spring Missoni
    collection (yes, I know that Target Australia is not related to USA Target.) I
    wish USA Target would launch a spring Missoni collection. Best
    collection ever I thought (dresses too short though).

  • Ramona Flowers

    awesome finds! I am going to a gala this week end and I think that this is the best dress to go with the make up style I have seen in The Beauty Insiders, Thanks for this awesome find!