August 25, 2014

Krystal K. of The Feisty House celebrates bachelorette on South Beach Krystal K. of The Feisty House celebrates bachelorette on South Beach

It’s good to be back.

I took some time off from blogging this month to focus on wedding planning and some new life goals. Quentin and I have started pre-marital counseling and we’ve been seeing a financial planner (two things I HIGHLY recommend doing if you’re currently engaged), and I’ve been devoting a lot of headspace to what my life is going to be like after October 11, 2014. Things are going to be pretty hectic between now and the wedding, so while I doubt I’ll post as often as I used to, I don’t want to go another three weeks without connecting with you guys =)

In the midst of all the wedding craziness, I was able to get away with some close friends for a weekend on South Beach. I had a really great bachelorette weekend! It was fun and relaxing and a good time with great company.

Krystal K. of The Feisty House celebrates bachelorette on South Beach Krystal K. of The Feisty House celebrates bachelorette on South Beach Krystal K. of The Feisty House celebrates bachelorette on South Beach

I don’t know if most people have these feelings during their bachelorette parties, but…I think I’m finally starting to feel “grown up.” I mean, I’m getting married. One of my closest friends (we’ve known each other since we were 10-ish and lived together in college) is married and pregnant (as you can obviously tell!). About half of my girlfriends are in serious relationships. Two of them own their own homes. Our jobs have real-life titles. I mean…who woulda thought? During the weekend we joked that our conversations just aren’t what they used to be when we were 21. Now we’re concerned about the economy and thinking about the right time to have babies! It’s a strange thing to see yourself in that moment and realize that you’re an adult.

I’m really looking forward to this next phase in life! And I’m so blessed to have women around me who are encouraging and loving and honestly supportive. I want the best for these ladies, and I know they want the same for me. And I want the same for you, too! Whatever stage of life you’re in, I’m hoping that when you read this blog, you can feel that someone out there is rooting for your success and never-ending happiness  =)


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  • HarlemLoveBirds

    How fun! After 5 years of marriage I’ve always advised the engaged friends in my life that the best thing my husband and I ever did was pre-marital counseling. Despite knowing each other almost 10 years by the time we got married it was amazing what we learned about ourselves and each other during our sessions. You’ve definitely made a smart move!

    • Thank you! I feel like it’s going to be really helpful.

  • Absolutely! It’s so necessary to be surrounded by people who are dwelling in their moment and only getting better, so that when your moment finally does come around, you automatically have a genuine team of people cheering you on. Those “grown up” conversations can be shocking when you don’t feel progressive, but that moment when you can relate? Nothing in the world quite like it. Congratulations on choosing great friends!

    • My sentiments exactly, Chymere! Thanks for the comment!

  • Looks like you had a ball! Being surrounded by good friends is such a blessing, especially as we get older. I agree with you about couples going to premarital counseling too. My husband and I really enjoyed those classes. It taught us so much (more) about ourselves individually and as a couple. It was really a blessing. Great choice!

    • Yes, definitely a good time =)

      And yeah, we’ve only had one pre-marital counseling session, and we’re already learning a lot. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Time to yourself is so vital boo so I completely understand! You have a wedding on the horizon, it’s only human that your focus will be elsewhere. All you ladies look fabulous and I never gave a bachelorette weekend much thought until now. I love that you can look at your life and see the difference between you and your friends then and life now. I think that growth is beautiful. Thanks for saying hello to us with this post! Looking forward to October, so excited and happy for you Krystal. Much love girl 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Sheriden. I really appreciate the comments

      And I highly recommend an entire bachelorette weekend vs. doing something the night before the wedding. It was an added expense, but I don’t regret it at all!

  • Su

    Yesss to premarital counseling and financial planning! We did it for 6 months before our wedding and that was honestly the best part of wedding planning for us. Definitely helps to keep you grounded after marriage too. Awesome to have your girls by your side and that y’all are all in such great places in life. This is what growth is all about! Happy wedding planning Krystal! 🙂

    • Awww thank you, lady! I’m ready for wedding planning to be over. I want to get to the wedding already! lol.

  • Thanks so much, Keshia!