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July 22, 2014

FEISTY FINDS | 7 Blogs to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Summer is the season when we all want to get away. See new things. Experience something different. Try something for the first time. It’s the perfect season for wanderlust, and I’m experiencing it something MAJOR. I love traveling, but I can never seem to do as much of it as I want. So I love reading travel blogs. It’s so much fun to live vicariously through the journeys of a girl who gets around. So today I’m sharing my favorite traveling ladies, some who frequent faraway lands, and others who will inspire you to start exploring your own backyard.


A Gamine // Ty Key is so very good at making her journeys around NYC so cute and inspiring, I forget she’s in the same city I am! She sees things in such a different way, and she’s knows where to find all the coolest exhibits, beauty spots, and restaurants. Her blog is brand spanking new and sure to become a cult favorite.

Keilabee Goes // Get inspired by Keila’s adventures at home in Washington, D.C. or out and about in Portland or California or Pennsylvania (you get the idea). True to her name, Keila really just…goes! Plus her commentary is so plain and honest and HILARIOUS.

7 Wonders LTL // It’s almost too good to be true: seven girlfriends who travel the world, document their journeys with STUNNING photos on Instagram, and look amazing while doing it! 7WondersLTL is already one of my fave Instagram accounts. These girls are too cute!

Simply Cyn // Cynthia Andrew of Simply Cyn was in Berlin the other day. No big deal. She’s also been to UAE, Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, and the list goes on. She and her husband take the most amazing, scenic photographs, and they make sure to capture amazing street style in every single city they visit. My thing is…how does Cynthia manage to be the best dressed person around no matter where she is in the world?

Gary Pepper Girl // We know that Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl is my favorite style blogger. She’s also well-traveled, visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth while shooting her equally lovely editorials.

Sincerely, Jules // Julie Sarinana has been basically EVERYWHERE and uses her blog to document her travels one outfit at a time. Jules brings her laid-back Cali girl style with her wherever she goes. Seeing a regular girl in all these lovely places makes you think, “Hey, I can travel too!”

Travel Noire // Featuring “cultivated insights from from a global community of Black travelers,” Travel Noire is a beautiful website with an amazing concept. Debunking the myth that Black people don’t travel (where did that come from anyway?) Travel Noire features travel tips and insights from some of the most well-traveled Black men and women around. The site isn’t just about how to book travel, but also how to experience different cultures, appreciate different types of people, and have the best experience while traveling. You’ll definitely feel the itch to hop a flight after reading just a few posts.


Now that your wanderlust has been sufficiently fueled, let me know if you have any cool travel plans this summer! I wish I could travel this year, but with a wedding in less than three months, I’ve decided to just chill locally =)

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  • L.Camille & C.Rob

    Great post! I love Nicole and Jules as well. And the movement of Travel Noire, time to get this passport all bruised up! stay FLYY. – L

  • NiKute Williams

    Jessica from Tuulavintage is another excellent travel blog. She has many spectacular photos on her blog of place from Bali, Tokyo, Austraila and so much more. Fashin as well but I’m honest there most of the time because of her travel photos.

    • So what you’re saying is…I need to add Tuulavintage to my Bloglovin? Consider it done =)

  • I love this list! I have been on quest to get more travel into my life and these blogs will definitely give me the push! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I feel like you’d do such an AMAZING job of blogging about your travel adventures =)

      • Thank you! You know I have Paris city guide just sitting in limbo, I have to get that up!

  • thanks for sharing this list! so many great blogs.. and i love a good blog!

    tiffany / tiffanyeatworld

    • You’re welcome, Tiffany! I hope you found some new faves =)

  • You’re very welcome, Chymere!