May 23, 2014

FEISTY FINDS | Fresh + New

When I started “Feisty Finds,” it was because I wanted to share posts from my favorite blogs. I read a TON of GREAT blogs, and it only felt right to introduce them to you too. I mean, why hog all that leisurely reading goodness for myself?

But the trouble with reading a ton of blogs (especially the last month or two) has been the persistent “sameness” of a lot of them. I mean, we’re not all the same people, so why are we all blogging about the same things? Like God, no more flower arranging. I’ve had it. I’ve pinned it four times from four different places. And I don’t need any more help styling a bar cart. You know what I mean? And WHY is a magazine the only thing bloggers can find to style photos with (I’ve been guilty of this tootwice). Yes, I find myself falling into the “sameness” trap, and sometimes…it’s inevitable. Bloggers are by nature people that like to be inspired, so it only follows that we inspire each other and…well, do the same things.

That’s why I’m so excited about my Feisty Finds for this month–these blog posts feel fresh and new. They’ve left me so inspired to think up some new ways to do what I do best and eschew the urge to just resort to doing more of the same. I bet you’ll feel the same way!

A Day In Her Life // Cynthia has started a brand new series on her blog Simply Cyn, in which she gives us a glimpse into the lives of our favorite girls. The first feature is Natalie Live of The Tiny Closet, and everything about this post was so perfectly refreshing. I can’t wait to read more!

Design VS Cancer // Thanks to Angel Y. for introducing me to Design VS Cancer, a new apparel company that has such an awesome purpose. I love supporting businesses that support people.

Loving Your Body // Blogs and Instagram and Twitter and “FITspiration” and the myriad of images we see every minute of every day make it all to easy for us to compare ourselves to other people. That’s why I loved Tanesha’s post on 7 tips for gaining body confidence. It was truly a breath of fresh air.

Destination Mexico // Simply beautiful wedding inspiration, like the photos from this Mexican destination wedding on Dust Jacket Attic, help to keep me centered and focused on the aesthetic I want for my wedding: clean, simple, and intimate. Weddings have become so commercialized, and every day I get another email reminding me of all the things I just HAVE to have at my wedding. These photos remind me that sometimes less is more.

Better Blogging // Another lovely post from Angel. This one is a roundup of all the blogging tips you haven’t heard yet. Seriously!

Blog To Watch // I recently discovered a new blog (well, new to me…) and I am totally hooked. Bianca of Avant Blargh (such a good name!) has a really unique and quirky sense of style, and her cartoon illustrations are the icing on the cake.

Rivet & Sway // I just love this new take on boutique eyewear–specs designed specifically for women. I wouldn’t mind rocking Rivet & Sway’s pale pink cat-eye frames sometime soon…

What’s Old Is New Again // Thanks to Herschel Supply Company and their Summer 2014 line of poly wallets, I get to relieve my childhood. Who didn’t have one of these growing up? I will admit that these updated versions in seasonally inspired prints look WAY BETTER than I one I used to have!

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  • These are all really good links! Even shared miss Tanesha’s link on my FB timeline. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad to hear it!!! Omigoodness I really loved Tanesha’s post.