BEAUTY | Dove Asks Women to Try a New ‘Beauty Patch,’ and The Results are AMAZING.

April 16, 2014

Somedays, we don’t feel like our confident, beautiful selves. More than once, I’ve gone an entire week just not feeling pretty. It’s a funk that’s easier for some women to shake than others. Sometimes, not feeling pretty for one day turns into not feeling pretty for a few weeks…and then a few months…and then we’ve really lost the feminine self-confidence that makes being a woman so special!

But what if there was a product that could keep those “I don’t feel pretty today” feelings at bay, and actually give you more confidence? Dove conducted a study to test such a product, the RB-X “beauty patch.” Dove asked women to try the RB-X beauty patch for two weeks, and the results are truly astounding.


How beautiful was that? When they started crying, I started crying! I felt so happy for them! I wish every woman felt confident and beautiful. Confident enough to pursue her dreams with reckless abandon, beautiful enough to uplift the women around her.

But let’s do more than watch an amazing video. Give a fellow woman a compliment today. Provide her with some encouragement. Be her “beauty patch.”  You have no idea how far your kind words can take her.


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  • Awww to this commercial! It’s such a shame how hard we can be on ourselves sometimes as women. Insecurities are a part of being human but we should never allow ourselves to get so down on ourselves and ignore the fact that our beauty is real and very much alive even on our worst days. And I fully support your tip! I love complimenting other women about their flyness.