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March 14, 2014

Quentin and I are getting married in a little over six months. The time has really crept up on me (it still doesn’t feel like we got engaged last July!) We’re having a garden wedding in Miami, so I’ve been pulling together a ton of garden wedding inspiration photos to get my  mind going.

garden wedding inspiration photo of bride and bridesmaids in blush pink garden-wedding-inspiration-tablescape garden-wedding-inspiration-wedding-cake-decorated-with-fruit-and-flowers garden-wedding-inspiration-lantern-centerpieces garden-wedding-inspiration-pretty-blush-pink-bouquet garden-wedding-inspiration-sashes-and-flowers-as-aisle-markers garden-wedding-inspiration-mr-and-mrs-chair-signs garden-wedding-inspiration-white-wedding-cake-decorated-with-blush-roses garden-wedding-inspiration-mason-jar-with-flowers-as-aisle-marker garden-wedding-inspiration-mermaid-strapless-wedding-dress

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When I look at these photos, my wedding seems more real in my head. These photos pretty accurately convey what I want my wedding to feel like. I just love how blush pink pairs so nicely with all the green from the garden scenery. And I want to incorporate the garden into as many aspects of the wedding as possible: decorating the cake with flowers (and fruit!) is such a good way to do that, and I love the little mason jars filled with flowers as aisle markers; that could be an inexpensive touch that could really make a huge impact.

I’m definitely going for longer bridesmaids dresses in blush pink, just like that first wedding. I think longer dresses look more formal, and they look so lovely and romantic in a garden setting. That last photo is of my DREAM wedding dress. It’s a Monique Lhullier, Spring 2011. It’s way out of my price range (even used versions are solidly out of reach), but if I could have any dress, it would be that one. I’m hoping to find a much more feasible option once I start looking for dresses this month! I’ve actually decided to go by myself to weed out a few choices. And that will be a special moment for me. I wasn’t the girl who had her wedding all planned out, or even thought I’d ever get married, so seeing myself in a wedding dress for the first time…that’s going to be pretty special for me. Like “hey girl, look what we’re doing!” And then I can slap myself a high-five. Can’t really do that with other people around =)


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  • L.

    I’m loving the mood board you’ve created for your wedding. The colors are absolutely beautiful. That wedding dress.. flawless! Your wedding is gonna look so awesome — garden wedding is definitely the way to go. The one thing you didn’t show a picture of is how your invitations may look! We wanna see! lol

    • LOL no invitation pictures because I haven’t gotten that far! Awww man, lol. But thanks girl. Yeah, I’m definitely in love with that dress…I’m hoping I can find it for the absolute low.

  • Oh to Be a Muse

    This is great inspiration for your wedding. I got married in the Keys in spring and it was a garden style/beach style wedding. You’re going to have such a great day when the time comes, so continue to enjoy planning it.

  • Hey Krystal! Love these photos! Just an idea on the Monique Lhullier dress if you haven’t already thought of it – check to see if there is a sample sale near you! My friend just snagged her Monique Lhullier for a couple hundred dollars from a sample sale here in LA.

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

    • A couple hundred dollars??? Okay, I will definitely be on the lookout for a sample sale. Thanks fro the heads-up!

  • L.Camille & C.Rob

    I’m getting married in November so I feel your excitement! Good luck with finding everything you need and want. stay FLYY.

    • First, can I say your engagement ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! Lol congrats again. Fall weddings are the BEST.

  • Molika Amara Uzuri

    Awww! These photos are sooooo amazing! I absolutely love where your going with this!! I’m so excited for you love! I can’t wait to see all the images from your special day! Congratulations again love!!!

  • Good luck on all your planning! I’m sure everything will come out wonderful.

    • Thanks LaNeshe! I was feeling pretty antsy about planning with only six months to go, but I’m starting to feel like things are falling into place.

  • Awww, thank you Jewel!!!

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