LIFE | Blondes, Nudes, and Tangy Green Juice

January 30, 2014

Christian Louboutin shades of nude pumps, Teen Vogue Blonde 3.0, recipe for tangy citrus green juice, and speaker box cover DIY on A Beautiful Mess
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In the Nude // Christian Louboutin designs a collection of his iconic pumps in shades of nude that fit a range of skin tones. I was beginning to wonder when someone would figure out that “nude” means different things to different women…

Creative Clique // Andrea at Fly reminds us that creatives need to have creative people around. “As you create, look to connect with others who can challenge your perspective; who can help evolve your ideas; [who] link you with other movers and shakers; and [who] encourage you when you hit a roadblock.”

Blonde Ambition // I just dyed my hair for the first time, and already I’m thinking of how I can add more color. I love the blonde curls on Vickie Sorensen in her recent shoot for Teen Vogue. The next time I enter a salon, I may come out looking just like that.

Relationships // Love this inspiring list of 20 things to start doing in your relationships with family, friends and significant others (I’ve pinned it too). I’m purposing to really incorporate this list into the way I approach my relationships in 2014. I don’t live in the same city as most of my close friends, and this list has really helped me learn new ways to keep those bonds strong, while also allowing new people to come into my life.

Speaker Box // This is an awesome tutorial for DIY speaker box covers! I’m slowly putting together a collection of DIYs and decor  hacks for when I officially move into Q’s studio this Fall. We’ll need to get creative if we’re both going to fit in there…

the BEST advice // If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, read the 33 things every aspiring entrepreneur should know. Enough said.

Disco Fever // Another awesome decor idea…a disco ball for your living room! I want one at my next birthday party.

Tangy Green Juice // Q bought me a juicer for Christmas (it’s changed my life), and I’ve been experimenting with a few different juice recipes. This recipe for tangy citrus green juice looks like it could be really good! It has a ton of different vegetables, but it looks so pretty, and it seems like it tastes good too!



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