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January 13, 2014

BLOG HAPPY | How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Blogger - The Feisty House

There are millions of blogs on the internet. There are over 74 million sites on WordPress alone.  Every time you turn around, someone else is starting a blog. So…how can you make sure that your blog stands out from the millions of others out there? You have to find your unique voice.


How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

Your Personality //

People will visit your blog because they like you as a person, but they won’t be able to get to know you unless your personality comes through in your writing. You don’t need to copy other bloggers! The best advice I could give you is to be your authentic self. I can’t stress this enough. No one wants to read your blog because you sound like another blogger. They’re reading your blog because you sound like yourself! People are smart, especially the ladies who you’ll want to end up coming back to your blog day after day. They can tell when you’re not being authentic, and they won’t come back to your blog if you’re not being honest with them. I’m very proactive in making sure that I’m always sounding like myself on the blog. I won’t even read other blogs on days that I’m writing for The Feisty House. Not even my absolute favorites!

You don’t have to share every aspect of your personal life on your blog in order to let your personality come through in your writing, but you should be personable. Talk about the things that inspire you. Share your opinions. From time to time, be introspective and share what you’re thinking and feeling about a certain topic. When I’m writing a more introspective blog post, there’s a little trick I use to make sure what I write ends up being in my own voice: I literally speak my posts out loud first into my recorder and then transcribe them. It’s a very literal way of writing in my own voice, but it works for me.


Your Interests //

Don’t start a natural hair blog if you aren’t interested in hair. If you don’t wear makeup, it’s okay if you don’t talk about it on your blog. If you’re not really that interested in fashion, but you love talking about food, then you should write a blog about food…don’t blog about something just because other bloggers are talking about it. I don’t write about celebrity fashion because it just doesn’t interest me enough to talk about it on the blog. I love listening to music, but music isn’t a main focus of The Feisty House because it’s not something I organically find myself wanting to write about.

You should blog about the things you’re genuinely interested in. If you don’t feel your unique blogger voice is coming through in your posts, you probably aren’t writing about the right things. One of these days, take some time to yourself. Visit your favorite coffee shop and sit down with a pen and paper (or tablet? I’m still a little old school…) and write out a list of the things that you like to do, what you like talking about, and how you’d spend your time if you could do anything you wanted. List everything that comes to mind. Then, pick your favorite 3-5 things, and those should be the focus of your blog. These are the things you’re most interested in and most likely to want to talk about on your blog. Once you have an idea of what you’re going to write about, it’s much easier to write in your own voice. And your writing will sound more like you because it will be based on the things you’re actually interested in.

That said, you shouldn’t feel cramped by your blog either. If you find yourself wanting to talk about other things, start a series. The Feisty House is a life and style blog, but I also talk about Christianity and faith in my WEEKLY WORD series, I share the experiences of other Black female entrepreneurs in the Dream Job series, and I use the Obsessed series to talk about the things I happen to like at the time, even if they may not fit neatly into one of my categories on the blog.


Your Writing Style //

Developing a writing style is something that takes time, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen for you overnight. When I first started The Feisty House, my writing style was all over the place. I knew what I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t know how exactly to do that. A lot of posts were just photos of my outfits without any real dialogue; I felt like I didn’t have much else to say.

Over the past year though, I think I’ve fallen into my fully-developed writing style. The purpose of this blog was always to be a space where I as an ordinary woman could inspire other women that it really was possible to be an average girl and live an above-average life. We have the power to curate our own beautiful lives simply by paying more attention to our lives. And so I started writing more about my life. My outfit posts were no longer just photos of me standing in clothes. I purposely started sharing more about what was going on with me personally. And you all have reacted so positively to that. My writing style is now infused with a lot more of my personal thoughts and feelings. I like being more transparent, but that doesn’t mean you need to be on your blog. Find what works best for you. Again, this can take some time, but don’t give up on developing your writing style.


Finding your unique voice isn’t something that will happen overnight, and that’s okay! Trust the process. I guarantee that once you find your unique voice and learn to develop it, your blog will have more and more followers who keep coming back for more. And even once you’ve found your blogger voice, keep listening to yourself. Your voice may evolve over time. When I started The Feisty House in 2009, I wrote strictly about natural hair and personal style. I found that I wanted to talk about other things, and so my voice changed. Sure, I may have lost some followers who only wanted to learn about natural hair products, but I gained followers who are more aligned with my interests, and getting to know all of you has been so much fun! If blogging ever stops being fun, take some time out to really check in with your voice. Listen to yourself–it’s totally fine if your voice changes over time. At the end of the day, your blog should be someplace where you’re expressing your true self.


I launched The Feisty House in 2009, and I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging since then! I share lots of tips here on the blog as part of my BLOG HAPPY series. But if you’ve read through my posts and still want some more help getting your blog started, let me know! I absolutely LOVE helping a new blogger find her unique voice and create a space that reflects who she is and helps her connect with other like-minded individuals. If you’re a blogging newbie,  I can help you figure out everything from branding and finding your niche, to how to use social media to engage your new followers (and grow your readership!) to choosing a platform and learning how to design a beautiful blog on your own! Send me an email, and let’s work on making your blog your happy place!


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  • Haute off the Press

    I love this!! You are doing so wonderfully with your blog and have always been so eager to help other do the same. Thank you for that! And, I LOVE YOUR HAIR IN THIS PIC!!!!!!!!! I tried to do mine like that over the holiday. It was a huge fail. Please do a how-to on how to do it successfully.

    • Thanks, Lauren!!! LOL I will try to post a tutorial ASAP.

  • bianca malata

    Great advice! i think its important to be yourself when you are blogging because anything but is just too hard to keep up.

  • I so connect with the end line “…your blog should be someplace where you’re expressing your true self”. I think I learned that very quickly. When I started my blog, I thought that it had to be about solely style because that was the way to garner attention, but like you said, I had to listen to my own unique voice and understand that although that’s an interest, it’s not my main interest, I want to write about love, my life, goals, etc. Like you said, you may lose some, but you gain where it counts. I love the evolution of this blog and you as a blogger, I hope to one day follow suit 🙂 I’m interested to read more of these posts! And that photo of you is stunning ma’am 🙂

    The Indie Byline

    • Aw, thanks for the kind words, Sheriden. You are WELL on your way. I’m five years in, and I’m still learning new things. We’re definitely in this together =)

  • Very helpful advice! Thank you.

  • These were some great tips! I really liked the one about not reading someone’s else’s blog post before writing one of your own. For me that’s very important! Thanks for sharing

  • These are some great tips! As I new blogger, these definitely come in handy! Also, I love the look and layout of your site!

    • Thanks Keshia, glad you found them helpful!

  • You’re welcome, Angel. Best of luck on your new blog!

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  • Bola Cooper

    Thanks! Great post. I’ll definitely be trying the points you’ve mentioned.xx

  • Thank you, Laci! That’s such a huge compliment! I really appreciate. Glad you found this helpful.