Lucky FABB 2013 Recap and Review

November 12, 2013


eva chen interviews eva mendes at lucky fabb conference 2013

eva chen interviews eva mendes at lucky fabb conference 2013

eva chen interviews blogger bryan boy at lucky fabb conference 2013

eva chen interviews kate bosworth at lucky fabb conference 2013

kate bosworth attends lucky fabb conference 2013

Last month I attended the Lucky FABB (Fashion And Beauty Blog) Conference for the first time, and I had a great time. Eva Mendes took off her shoes, Bryan Boy confessed that he wears the same things over and over again (like I do), and I almost cried listening to Kate Bosworth talk about her relationship with her new hubby. Oh, and I learned a lot about blogging and business and how to leverage my blog to make my business stand out. I attended some really great workshops that featured the entrepreneurs behind Birchbox, Wanelo and Warby Parker. SO inspirational. And I also met a TON of great bloggers that I can wait to learn more about! I say this over and over again on The Feisty House, but blogging is truly a team sport. Build networks with other bloggers and work together!


my blog is dope sweatshirt at lucky fabb conference 2013

my blog is dope sweatshirt at lucky fabb 2013 conference

my blog is dope sweatshirt and zara checked trousers at lucky fabb 2013 conference

my blog is dope sweatshirt at lucky fabb 2013 conference


I wore my Feisty Society “My Blog is Dope” sweatshirt (with Zara checked trousers, Target bag and Nine West suede pumps) to Lucky FABB, and it was the BEST decision. The feedback was AMAZING! Seriously! Everyone I met kept asking, “Where did you get your sweatshirt?” I was so proud to be able to explain that it was actually something I’d created. I gave out so many business cards, including one to Eva Chen herself when she saw my sweatshirt and mentioned that she loved it! That was such an amazing moment for me. I’m usually pretty awkward at conferences because I don’t like approaching and introducing myself to people, but wearing my own design and getting so much positive feedback from it made me so much more comfortable and confident! By day two of Lucky FABB, I was introducing myself to everyone I sat next to, and I realized it really isn’t as hard as I’d always imagined. Since Lucky FABB, I’ve been reaching out to new people a lot more, attending networking events and meet-ups, and just really trying to practice putting myself out there. The results have been really positive! I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this sooner.

Like I mentioned, I learned a ton of things at Lucky FABB, but here are the top three lessons I learned:

1. Develop relationships with other bloggers, and then work with them!

2. Failure is a big part of starting your own business (something I don’t think about, but should remind myself)

3. Be true to yourself and to your voice. Don’t copy other bloggers because they have more followers or more brand partnerships. Your voice is one of a kind!

I would highly recommend that all of you who have blogs attend at least one blogger conference in the next year. The face-to-face interaction with other bloggers is priceless. I may attend another Lucky FABB, or next year’s Style Bloggers of Color Conference (which I heard was great but unfortunately missed, because I could only attend one conference this year…I am trying to save for a wedding after all).

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  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    Love this look! And the sweatshirt is GENIUS!

    • Thank you, Beatrice! I appreciate the love!

  • Great seeing you at the conference, Krystal! Love your sweatshirt and can’t wait for the launch. Meanwhile, the photos are so clear and crisp. Big up to your camera! lolol.

    • Great seeing you too, Vivi! I was so happy to link up with the D.C. ladies again. LOL the Nikon was doing extra work that day!

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    Love your look and I really enjoyed the recap. Great tips! Glad you had fun & learned a lot!


  • that shirt! it’s awesome and perfect for the event haha!

  • I’m so happy that you got such great feedback on your shirt, how amazing? I attended Style Bloggers Of Conference this year and I definitely want to be at Lucky FABB next year 🙂

    • I so wish I could have attended SBOC! We can trade conference experiences next year =)

  • Sooooooo jealous right now! I’ll make it to that conference one day. And hush yo mouth. You’re not awkward. You have the likable personality that makes you approachable. Go girl! I need to put my order for this sweatshirt on pay day 🙂

    • Aww thanks Lucy. I certainly feel awkward, so I’m glad it’s not coming through to other people LOL.

  • HarlemLoveBirds

    Glad you had such a wonderful time! I saw the conference in my feeds and yours is the first recap I read. That’s so brilliant to wear your own product like that! Smart move and an instant conversation starter, I agree. I’m a true believer in conferences; I just started going last year (BlogHer and Blogalicious) then Blogging While Brown and Blogalicious again this year. Looking forward to Alt Summit in January! I’ve found my best opportunities have come from stepping out from behind the computer screen and meeting face to face – the blog is just a conduit. Hope we have the chance to meet IRL at some point!

    • Quiana, thanks so much! You’re going to have such an AMAZING time at Alt Summit! I would love to go at some point. By the time I get to the site, they’re always sold out!

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  • I love your outfit here and I’m so happy that you had such a great time! I definitely need to look into getting one of these sweatshirts, they are AMAZE! Such a simple idea, yet so powerful and beautifully executed. Great job Krystal 🙂

    • Awwww, thanks a million, Sheriden! You’d look great in one of these ^__^

  • Glad you had a good experience too! Maybe next time we’ll both be at the same Lucky FABB =)

  • Thanks L! I HIGHLY recommend that you go. It’s a great time, and the connections are priceless!

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  • So great. I found this because I am thinking of going to Lucky FABB this year and wanted to hear what others thought. Maybe we will see each other there!


    • You’ll have a great time at Lucky FABB. It was an amazing experience for me. I’m not going this year, but I hope to read your recap if you write one!

  • First, LOVE that sweatshirt!!! Second, thank you for sharing your experience at Lucky FABB. I’m considering attending this year, but I didn’t know if it was worth the financial investment. Based on your wonderful review, I’ll definitely go if I can pull the $$ together in time! xo

    • Why thank you, Maggie! I’ve never been to the West Coast Lucky FABB, so if you did end up going, definitely let me know how it went!