How to Retain Natural Hair Growth // Moisturize and Seal

November 18, 2013

woman with long natural hair in a twistout

Weeks ago, we talked about the importance of pH for retaining natural hair growth. But without moisturizing your hair and then sealing that moisture in with a lightweight oil and heavier cream on a regular  basis, a low pH won’t do you any good. Natural hair needs moisture! Without it, our hair is dry, fragile, and subject to breakage. And of course, breakage is Public Enemy No.1 if we’re trying to retain natural hair growth!

Moisture usually equals water. To moisturize your hair daily, use a product that’s water-based (water is the first ingredient). If your hair is protein-sensitive (is prone to breakage by protein-heavy products) make sure your daily moisturizer doesn’t contain too much protein. Also, steer clear of products that contain mineral oil, petroleum/petrolatum, drying alcohols, wax (parrafin) and silicones (anything ending in -one). These ingredients can cause product buildup, which blocks moisture from getting into your strands. They can also dry your hair out, which defeats the purpose of moisturizing in the first place.

I use the L.O.C. (Liquid—->Oil—->Cream) method to moisturize and seal my hair every morning, which helps me to retain my natural hair growth. First, I spray my hair with Jane Carter Solution Leave-In. Then, I apply EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) throughout my hair, but concentrating mostly on the ends. Then I finish with whipped shea butter (a 50/50 mixture of melted raw shea butter and my deep conditioner whipped together) or the conditioner I use to style my flat twists (these days, I’m using Herbal Essence’s Honey I’m Strong Conditioner).

Moisturizing and sealing has made a HUGE difference in the health of my hair over the years, and I can’t believe there was a time I wasn’t moisturizing and sealing every day. When I started consistently moisturizing my hair and sealing with oil every morning, I was able to retain natural hair growth. I’ve seen even more of a difference lately, now that I’m using the LOC method. Below is my recent video of how I go about the process each morning.


What do you use to moisturize and seal each day?
If you aren’t moisturizing and sealing daily…what’s stopping you???


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  • Eva

    This is great! Did you practice this method when you had Havannah Twists? I’m using braids as a protective style and am trying to figure out the best method to keep my hair in tip top shape.

    • Sigh…I was terrible when I had Havana twists. I should have used this method…I actually didn’t moisturize my hair that much when I had the twists in (do NOT repeat, lol)

  • Sarah

    I also use the L.O.C Method. Until my quest for the perfect leave-in is complete I moisturize with water. I follow up y sealing my ends with cold-pressed EVOO as it also slightly penetrates my strands for added moisture. For my creme, I use an all natural mix of whipped Shea butter (with a couple teaspoons of jojoba, coconut, castor and argan oil). Luckily, my hair can retain moisture for at least two days so I don’t have to do this routine daily.

    Sarah 🙂
    Twitter: farmasarah
    Instagram: lovefarma

    • I’m jealous of your hair’s ability to retain moisture! My hair is so porous, I usually need to moisturize EVERY morning.

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  • Hi Shon! Thanks for reading!!! I hope the regimen works for your daughter. Kudos to her for being an active young lady!

  • Rose Ann Selvana

    awesome way to keep my curls on, I have been reading on The Beauty Insiders on how to get my hair fixed, but I guess I really have to embrace natural curls, thanks for this 🙂