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September 27, 2013

Summer style featuring J.Crew Style Sessions, J.Crew neon joggers, Made In America music festival, Afropunkfest 2013 in Brooklyn

I can’t believe summer is officially over. It certainly feels like it here in NYC. The sun is starting to set earlier in the day, the mornings are colder…I’m wearing a jacket! Sigh, I suppose all good things must come to an end. At least I had fun during the last few weeks of summer.

I attend the Style Sessions event at the J.Crew in SoHo and saw Rihanna as she was leaving Intermix. I also purchased my neon orange jogging pants that night, which I’ve worn quite a few times, including brunch this past Sunday. Supposedly J.Crew is going to choose a “best styled” and feature that person in an upcoming issue of the Style Guide. How awesome would that be?!

I went to music festivals for the first time this year: AFROPUNK FEST here in BK, and then Made in America in Philly. Afropunk was okay, but I really enjoyed Made In America. I got to see Beyonce perform (believe the hype–she’s amazing), and I had such a good time swaying with Solange and fist pumping to Calvin Harris. Hands-down the least fun I’ve had the last few weeks has been staying at work until 8:00 PM. I try to break up the time by taking bathroom selfies. Ha! That sounds sad.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been getting ready for Fall. I invested in some new rainboots, and I’m seriously (I mean it) thinking of dyeing my hair really soon (like, the weekend of October 12-13). I think I’ve found the color I want too. Go hard or go home, right?


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