I’m not Afropunk

August 26, 2013

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Q and I met up with his cousin yesterday at AFROPUNK FEST in Brooklyn. I was curious about it, and Q really wanted to see K-OS. It was an interesting vibe. I guess I don’t listen to a lot of alternative Black music because I hadn’t heard of any of the artists. It was definitely something new, and I appreciated the experience. I don’t have a specific “type” of music I listen to. I listen to songs I like without sticking to a specific genre, you know? I’m not “afropunk” or “hipster” or “pop” or “hip-hop” or anything else for that matter. I wonder what a music festival catered to my taste in music would look like? Mumford & Sons on one stage and Lorde on another, with a special guest appearance by Miike Snow. The festival would be headlined by Robert Glasper. That would actually be pretty amazing.

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I rarely ever show this much skin, but I knew we were going to be out in the sun all day, and I refused to wear jeans. I definitely fit in with everyone else–the vibe was very laid back, not too fussy, not super trendy (surprisingly). It was the perfect opportunity to test out my calabash purse that I bought in Jamaica. Of course, this was Brooklyn, and there were a few people here and there who were doing a lot. There was an entire group of young guys who looked like they’d just stepped out of 1993, high-top fades and all!

Are you afropunk? What kind of music is your fave?

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  • L.

    Cute outfit! Didn’t really care for the line-up this year so I opted out for Afropunk this time around. But I usually love the vibes. Mad chill & laid back. Maybe next year I’ll go again!

  • LOVING the snapback : ) perfectly laid back festival look

  • Looks like fun! Really loving the hat and red lip with this look.

  • Thanks Monica ^__^

  • Thanks so much, Adrienne!

  • Thanks, girl. Yeah, I wasn’t too impressed. I definitely enjoyed the music at Made in America a lot more, although I preferred how chill everyone was at Afropunk…a lot of the people at MIA were doing.the.most. -___-