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July 2, 2013

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June is over, which means I can finally tell you what I’ve been obsessing about this month. Can you guess?

Women’s street wear.

I think everyone else has also been obsessed with street wear as of late. Street wear is not to be confused with “street style.” Logo tees dominate the trend, which was initially born out of skater culture but has been adopted by everyone from rappers to models to your everyday blogger. Popular street wear brands include Supreme, Only, Stussy, etc. Many other designers are making this style their own, to the point where now you have Brian Lichtenburg creating his own line of what one could consider “street wear” designs.

My obsession with street wear didn’t start in June. My father was a graphic designer and had his own t-shirt lines, and so I wore his street-wear-inspired line growing up, before it was cool (which sucked sometimes). I think the resurgence of the trend has given women a lot more options for incorporating street wear into our wardrobes. Don’t you just love jogging pants with heels? Or logo tees with pencil skirts? How about beanies and glam dresses? The possibilities are endless, and I’m glad street wear is back in a big way.

I’ve been working on my own street wear project for a few months now, and I’m really excited about releasing it in the Fall! As much as I love what current designers are doing now, I really couldn’t find a lot of companies focused solely on women’s street wear. In many cases, women were just wearing men’s clothes. While that’s definitely 100 percent okay (hello, boyfriend jeans!), sometimes it’s nice to wear something created with women in mind, which is why I started designing my own street wear tees. I’ve had so much fun creating things I can’t wait to wear! I’ll definitely share more details with you all as I get closer to launch, which should be at the end of August!

What do you all think about the renewed interest in street wear? Do you think the trend is here to stay?

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  • L.

    I am a tomboy at heart, so I’ve always dressed more in street wear. Supreme & HUF are two of my favorite street wear brands. Love this style, will rock until I’m like old.

    TheNativeNewYawker.com / PartyOverHair.com