Feisty Fashion Feature // TEFF, THE DON

July 5, 2013

Teff is my muse. No really, I feel like if Teff would wear my new street wear line, then I’d be doing something right. She is AMAZING, and so humble. And I’m in love with the fact that Teff is comfortable in her own skin and finds so many beautiful ways to express herself, from her personal style to her photography, she is overflowing with creativity. But don’t take my word for it…let’s get to know Teff, THE DON.

feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don
Tell us a bit about your blog and why you started blogging.

My blog is a visual manifestation of my Artistic sensibility, culminating a myriad of my interests. From writing to photography to styling and so on. I would just like to add that I don’t classify myself as a “style” blogger. More so lifestyle, if anything! 
I began blogging for the very reason I mentioned above. I’m a very visual Being; I’ve always been. I live to see the big picture — the overall layout. So, that’s what my blog serves as to me. Initially sought to return to the Art of nurturing my Love for writing. Eventually, it evolved into something much more. I did not anticipate it would expand as it did, but I am incredibly grateful; definitely serves as the icing on the cake, y’know. It’s a chronological canvas that’s documented the design of my evolution. I live for moments where I revisit old posts, just as a way to look back and measure where I was mentally, emotionally, intellectual and so on. 
I’m in the middle of revamping and renovating that creative space, so it’s been a bit bittersweet not updating it. But I make up for that by being as active as possible via tumblr! 

feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don
What are 5 fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that describe your personal style? 

Hm. Let’s see. Despite what you may have seen [on my blog], I’m not much of a material person, honestly, but since you asked, I’ll dig. As per my personal style:
A hat; preferably a bowler or a wide brim. In wild colours, if possible. 
Gold jewelry is the perfect accent to just about any complexion there is. I love gold; [it’s] timeless and literally speaks. 
Trench coat(s); one can never too many, nor too little. They’re absolutely fun. 
Bold prints. Self-explanatory, I think. 

Lipstick; lots and lots and lots of colours. Be open to mixing!  

feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don
What’s your go-to hairstyle?

Either I wear it up in a bun or I let it run wild and sort-of just do its own thing. Like, sometimes I look away and look back to find my hair dancing. I absolutely Live for those days.

feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don

How do you feel about the presence of Black style bloggers (too many, not enough, etc.)
I feel there’s enough, honestly. But I feel there’s a need for versatility. It seems as though there’s this highly accepted mold as to how a “blogger” should dress and too many study this and dress in accordance. There’s an overwhelming pressure to adhere to the trends, so that leaves very little room for versatility and distinction. The outfits are comprised of similar elements, the photography all seem to have a similar style and collectively, in its over-saturation, it all appears lackluster. 
And, I mean this in a general sense, all style/fashion bloggers included.  
I believe people don’t generally know what they like until you present it to them. So, with that said, I’d like to see a paradigm shift. Give your audience something different; only way of knowing, is trying. Think about it! 
feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don
Tell us anything else you think we should know.
Along with blogging, I’m also a photographer, with a focus in self-portraits, portraits and fashion (catalogue, look-books, etc.). I’ve been active for about 4 years, now. Photography appealed to me at a time where I allowed my responsibilities exceed the idea that I could control them. Photography served as an entity I could easily seize and control and derive joy and contentment doing so. 
It serves as a release, too. If I’m particularly stressed, I’ll orchestrate a self-shoot and before I know it, I’m elated and light and anew. I even use it as a form of celebration. Art is the only sure thing. For me. And, Love, of course. 
I am also a publicist, stylist and have even dabbled into a bit of design.


feisty fashion feature - black style blogger - teff the don
Visit Teff’s Tumblr and her blog. You’ll go for the fashion, and stay for everything else.

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