LIFE | My Spring-Summer To-Do List

June 12, 2013

A new season is a new opportunity to GSD (Get Sh** Done), and there are a couple things I’d really like to get done this Summer (seriously, can you believe Summer starts next Friday? I mean, c’mon). Like honestly, I feel if I haven’t accomplished this list by Labor Day, my summer would have been a waste. A WASTE!



After I cut my bangs, I realized I wanted to make another change to my hair. I’ve had jet black hair ALL MY LIFE. The only reason why it’s a dusty brownish color now is because of henna. I love my jet black hair, but I really want to try a new color, and I think summer is a great time to try a lighter color. I’m thinking of the whole ombre trend or highlights since I’m not ready to commit to dying my entire head a new color. I want to make an appointment with the new new Carol’s Daughter salon in Harlem. They do coloring too, they cater to naturals, and they’re in walking distance of Q’s apt, so I won’t have any excuse NOT to do it.


Source, Source, Source

Ummmm…I’m sorry, but have you seen Teyana Taylor lately? What am I doing with my life?!?!? Her abs are AMAZING! Really, her whole body is amazing, but I’m not gonna get a rack like that ever, so I may as well focus on her abs. I came up with a weekly exercise routine that I really liked, but I haven’t been consistent at all. I’m hoping this week is the first week I get through the entire routine without skipping a day. So far, so good!



I love cocktails. A good drink can really set the mood. It would be nice to learn how to make some cocktails for Q and I to have at dinner, or to serve at a summer house party. I’ve pinned a few recipes, like this one for the perfect Paloma, or this recipe for pretty pink grapefruit margaritas. Can you tell tequila is my favorite thing?

I’m so serious. If I can’t tick these things off my list, I don’t deserve to have a good summer.

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  • thebayarean

    Great list! Summer is the optimum time for trying a new hair color. My list is a little less exciting, with goals to visit the State Fair, the waterslides, go wine tasting, and expand my hiking experience. Good weather, good times!

  • L.

    Love the list! You’ve inspired me to put together a GSD Summer To Do List. But girl, I love Teyana’s body and yes.. time to work it out. I will been into a routine for like a week and then it’s like yea.. no! Ugh, gotta get it together. This summer though.. it’s on! And cocktails, cocktails, cocktails! Absolutely love the Summer! 🙂

  • Oh to Be a Muse

    Yes on all three of these! I’ve wanted light brown tips ever since I saw Chioma’s hair, but haven’t gotten it done yet. Wish I had a Carol’s Daughter salon by me.

    It’ll be so cool to learn to mix a signature cocktail–and to have great abs as well.

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  • Let’s check in with each other to make sure we’re keeping up with our exercises! I’ll hit you up on Twitter from time to time, lol. Lord knows I’m gonna need all the motivation I can get!

    Especially if I want to drink cocktails all the time! Here’s too a lush and fit summer for us both! lol

  • Ma’am, hiking sounds VERY exciting! Much more fun than working out -__- lol