WEEKLY WORD | Facing Our Fears

May 26, 2013

Women's Devotional // Facing Our Fears | The Feisty HouseThis is probably the second or third time I’ve talked about fear on the blog (I’ve discussed it here) because I personally have issues with fear. I don’t have an anxiety disorder or anything (well, at least I don’t think I do). It’s more that I allow my mind to run wild with “what ifs,” and the scenarios I think up can be pretty scary. For example, what if Quentin and I get married, and then he dies a week later? Or, what if someone attacks my mother on her way home from work? Or, what if my father or brothers end up in jail for something they didn’t do?

Fear can be crippling. It can keep us from living our best lives.

Fear is the absence of trust in God.

A lot of us think we have faith in God and trust Him to make the most of our lives, but if we’re living in fear, we really don’t have any faith at all. It’s the hard truth. That’s why constant prayer is so important, especially for those of us who struggle with fear. Communication with God, speaking our fears to Him and asking Him to increase our faith, is the only way I’m ever able to get over my fears. I’m praying all the time: on the commute to work, when I’m out with friends, before big meetings, and lately, every time I start working on my latest projects.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently applied for a business license here in New York. God has given me two wonderful ideas, and I’m intent on pursuing them. The goal is to be 100% self-employed in the very near future. I know this is the direction in which God is leading, but I still have my fears: what if the business fails? What if I spend my savings and can’t make the money back? What if I end up having to work for someone else for the rest of my life???

Our fears can seem like a big deal to us, but Jesus tells us in Luke 12 that fear and worry are really just a waste of time. Our fretfulness and worrying won’t change the outcome of a situation. Instead of worrying about our lives, we should trust that God will provide all that we need. We should focus on our relationship with Christ, “seeking the Kingdom of God first,” and letting God take care of the rest.


The next time fear invades your peace, say a prayer! Ask God for the faith to trust Him to handle whatever is worrying you at that moment. Don’t let fear stick around!

Photo Source: Camille Styles

  • Tapioca

    Oh geesh, I have been battling with starting my own business for years and now more than ever, but fear of failure is crippling me. I am tormented when I think that my little savings can become obsolete if all fails, but I know the direction God is pushing me towards. I pray that we both can learn to trust in him completely and know that even in failure he is only a pray away, that fear is only the enemy’s way of finishing us before we even started. God bless and guide you on your endeavours.

  • Emily Jocelyn Smith

    I love this!! Thank you 🙂

  • Cristine ♥

    “… but if we’re living in fear, we really don’t have any faith at all. It’s the hard truth.”

    WOW! This spoke to me. thank you so much for this. I LOVE Weekly Word!

  • I really needed to read this, I’m constantly thinking of “what ifs”, but I’m really trying to focus more on my relationship with God and getting into the practice of talking to him during those fearful moments, this post made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my worry tendencies but also inspired me to just try harder on my focus on God

  • NiKute Williams

    This was a necessary reminder to me~ lately I lost a great job and lots of doubts entered my mind. Especially over lost of new ideas I have myself. Thanks for sharing this. I have to work on my prayer life.

  • Such a good post on fear! Found your blog “via Oh to be a Muse”. I’m going to follow on Bloglovin’ so I’ll be visiting more often. (^_^)

  • Jenny

    Thank you for this, I needed it. I’m currently studying for my board exam and it can get pretty overwhelming. I do doubt myself at times, but I know that’s the devil creeping into my thoughts and I quickly begin to think more positively.

  • Ladies, it’s been so humbling to have such an awesome response to this post. And get this–after posting this, I went to church with Q, and the sermon was on overcoming fear!!! The Holy Spirit had a divine Word for us! I’ll be sure to pray for you all as I pray for myself. We can overcome!