Spring Saturday in D.C.

April 8, 2013

I was back in D.C. this past weekend! It was great to catch up with friends and see familiar places. It’s funny though: even though I only moved 2 months ago, New York is starting to feel like home! That being said, I would have gladly stayed in D.C. a little bit longer. They were having some amazing spring weather over there! I was super jealous.

Anyway, Zaynab took these photos of me on Saturday when we met up for lunch at La Tasca. I had gone to church at Restoration Praise Center that morning, which was my home church when I lived in the DMV. In full disclosure, I was raised in the Adventist church, and there are teachings that I both agree and disagree with. I’m at a point in my life where I’m assessing my beliefs and figuring out what God wants from me. I haven’t liked any of the Adventist churches I’ve attended in NYC, and I’m not tying myself to attending only Adventist churches either. I’m sincerely praying about it and asking the Lord to lead. I want to feel connected to my church and be really involved in ministry. I’m ready to grow spiritually and approach my faith like an adult, and I think a good church can really help me do that.

Asos wallpaper print midi dress Asos wallpaper print midi dress Asos wallpaper print midi dress
Asos wallpaper print midi dress Asos wallpaper print midi dress
I randomly found this dress on the ASOS website, and I knew I had to have it. It’s really long, and I was going to get it shortened, but I’m going to keep the original length for a while. It’s longer than any dress I have in my closet, and the fit and print make it feel vintage-y, even though it’s a new dress I bought a couple weeks ago. I gave the dress some shape with a belt (a belt that should have been black, but I think it was blue -__-), and I love how the sandals look with the dress; not too matchy-matchy. The gold accents worked really well with the print and the colors. I’ve purchased A LOT of jewelry in the past few weeks: my rings are from Forever 21, and the necklace is from Jewelmint.

New Orleans brass band, Washington, D.C. New Orleans brass band, Washington, D.C. New Orleans brass band, Washington, D.C.
There was a great New Orleans style brass band in Chinatown that day. The music was great and created an awesome vibe. Everyone in the crowd was just standing around having a great time. Oh, and please look at that little boy. Why is he the cutest thing in the world?!?!?


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  • You look so cute! Next time you’re in the area let me know so we can hang.

  • dr_sbennett

    That dress is so cute and I love the heels you paired with it!

  • Justine Kay

    amazing shoes and pictures! Love your blog girl, keep at it!

  • This dress looks stunning on you! I really love it.

  • Jordie

    I don’t know if you are still looking but I hear that Church of the Advent Hope in Manhattan is an SDA church with a younger vibe and a good ministry. I go to school in Florida but I have a friend who started going there during grad school and really likes it. Here’s their website if you are interested 🙂

  • Awww thank you!!!

  • That’s such great encouragement, Justine! Thank you, I will!

  • Thanks Doc ^__^

  • Samantha Feteau

    LOVE the WHOLE look! Soo cauutee as usual!

    I did want to suggest visiting Brooklyn Tabernacle if you haven’t done so already! I go to the sister church here in Chicago, called Chicago Tabernacle. Definitely a place to grow spiritually! 🙂

  • SamIam621

    LOVE the look, GORG as usual!

    Just wanted to suggest a church to visit. Its called the Brooklyn Tabernacle. I attend the sister church here in Chicago, the Chicago Tabernacle. Definitely a place to grow and transform your life! Be blessed! 🙂

  • Bids in Graceland

    Gorgeous ensemble!